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Hello everybody!

Today it is hard to find a person in a computer related sphere, who does not know what a screensaver is. The screensavers are used extensively. And you have to know that today programs called a “screensaver” are mainly used for entertainment purposes. And they do not do what they have to do, i.e. they do not to save your screen.

Monitors running screensavers consume the same amount of power as when running normally. Additionally, using a screensaver with a flat panel or LCD screen instead of powering down the screen can actually reduce the lifetime of the display.

So in my opinion the best way to save the screen (and also save electricity and preserver our environment) would be simply the screen powering down!!!

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2 Responses to “Best screensaver”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hey, and what about beauty and customization and everything? I want to use my favourite screensavers, I simlpy used to them… But I also don’t want to buy new LCD earlier than I planned. What should I do?..

  2. Mike Says:

    its ok i broke my LCD now

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