New structure of the website and 10 more free screensavers

All free screensavers from are structured now. There are several sections with free screensavers on my website. They are All on one page, Recent and Top 10. I hope it makes easy for users to view and find a screensaver they need.
Also I have placed 10 more new free screensavers, which you can find in section Recent.
I have added some new clock screensavers, several nature screensavers and others, such as Disco, Firework and Jumping colorful balls.
And once again I remind you that all of them are free to download, virus-free and also are safe to install and run.
More over now all free screensavers supports Windows7.

I hope you have fun downloading free screensavers from



2 Responses to “New structure of the website and 10 more free screensavers”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Well guys it;s very cool feature to make Recent directory at your site. I don’t like RSS feeds much but your new directory I what I’ve always wanted. I can find all new screensavers and stuff in Recent so I won’t miss anything!
    p.s. Your new screensavers are marvellous, especially Disco. ))

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      Hello Jimmy,
      Now we only can offer you to subscribe to our news letters.
      Regarding Recent option, next year the site will be changed once again and all screensavers will catagorized. I hope you will like it too.

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