Screensavers and Distributed Computing

Today I would like to tell you in brief about one very popular application for screensavers, Distributed Computing. This form of screensaver takes advantage of your computer’s inactivity to process data from another source.

Nowadays there are many websites dedicated to distributed computing online projects. For example here you may find information about active and upcoming projects. One of such projects is SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). SETI project was developed to search for extra-terrestrial radio signals.

This screensaver displays a graph of the radio spectrum and processes radio signal information received from SETI servers. The screensaver sends back results on the data processed. By using so many computers, SETI greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to process
all the signals received from its radio telescope.

To see a screensaver from SETI, please visit Seticlassic
or my website home page

Cosmic noise, which is written in the Arecibo radio telescope is divided into small units and sent to computers of participants to search their signals with special characteristics – those that may have an artificial extraterrestrial origin.
If the project will detect the signal, participants whose computers were engaged in the processing units containing a signal, will be added to the list of sponsors for all subsequent scientific publications.
If you want to help to Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, you may join this project and have fun!



2 Responses to “Screensavers and Distributed Computing”

  1. ostrov Says:

    Thank you,
    very interesting article

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      We are glad that you like it.
      In future we will try to do our best to familiarize our readers with interesting information regarding screensavers.

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