Creating a screenaver for yourself is fun.

Sometimes navigating in the Internet it is impossible to find a screensaver you want.

For such users different developers offer special programs, which can help them to create a screensaver of their own. In my opinion this method suits those who has time and do want to spend it with any use.

So if you have a great desire to create something of your own, you will need one of such programs.

Personally after an hour of search I downloaded and tried Screensaver Factory , a trial version, and even managed to create a screensaver from my photos, made during my vacation in Italy. And I like the result.

To sum up with Screensaver Factory it is possible to make a screensaver from imagies, videos and, as I understand, flash animation. Also there is a possibility to add background music, your own pictures and smooth picture display.

This program seemed to me very easy for home use.

If still you failed to create a screensaver with Sreensaver Factory or any other program (for example, ABC Flash Animation, Photo Screensaver Maker, etc) offered in the Internet, then you can easily download free screensavers from such websites as , where soon you will be able to download completely free screensavers on Christmas and New Year themes.



2 Responses to “Creating a screenaver for yourself is fun.”

  1. Ann Says:

    Please tell me, can I make screensaver with my photos and a short video if I’m new to computer design and everything? I need simple program where all I should do is gather all materials in one place, load them into program and choose some options.

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      Yes it is possible! There are many programs for your task.
      You may try to use Screensaver Factory, for example.

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