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VIP Screensavers for Blog Readers

December 18, 2009

Hello, dear friends,

We have created a VIP web page with new screensavers, which are available only for our blog readers and subscribers.
Here there are HD* monitor screensavers which you wont find on our main website, as they will be released there only in several weeks.
But you, as a reader (subscriber) of this blog can easily visit VIP web page and come to be in a paradise of high quality scenes of nature when your computer is idle.

Moreover from now from time to time we will release some screensavers for our blog readers much earlier than for all others.

Also today we have released 10 more new free screensavers including 3d variants on nature, art themes, which are available for all visitors of

As usual these new free screensavers can be found, in section Recent of

* HD or high definition refers to a format of higher resolution than a standard-definition format.

How to Set up a Screensaver

December 16, 2009

 Hello everybody

Some of you might have noticed for the past couple of weeks this blog has been on somewhat of a hiatus. In fact we’ve been working on a new face of our web site.
Soon we will present you with a refresh look of , where more new free screensavers will be available. All free screensavers will be catagorized in order you can easily find a required screensaver.

Meanwhile I offer you a tip how to set up your own screensaver. This tip will be useful for those who have just started to personalize their own computers.
In Windows XP and Vista, you can configure a screensaver easily:
For XP:
– Click Start, then click Settings and go to Control Panel.
– When the Control Panel window opens, double-click on the Display icon. This brings up the Display Properties window.
– Select the Screensaver tab, and select the screensaver you want to use from the drop-down menu.

For Vista:
– Click Start and go to Control Panel
– When the Control Panel window opens, double-click on the Personalization icon. This brings up the Personalization Properties window.
– Select the Screensaver tab, and select the screensaver you want to use from the drop-down menu

Next steps:
– Determine how many minutes you want the system to be idle before Windows launches the screensaver, and enter that amount of time in the box provided.
– You can click on Preview to see what it will look like in full-screen use. If you want to change the settings, click Settings. Depending on the screensaver, this window can have one or more options that you can modify.
– Once you have finished changing the settings, click OK. You can also use the screensaver for security by checking the “Password protected” box. Click OK again and your screensaver is set to go!

There are several ways to get a screensaver:
– Use one of the standard screensavers that comes with Windows
– Buy a screensaver collection
– Use a program that allows you to design your own screensavers
– Create a screensaver from scratch by writing the actual code

I offer you to download one of the thousands of free screensavers on the Internet, for example, from .

5 New Christmas Screensavers Released

December 7, 2009

Hello everybody,
I am glad to inform you that now 5 more new free Christmas screensavers are available from
Among them there are 4 Christmas Clock screensavers featuring round clocks with Roman numerals, Christmas trees decorated with toys and falling snowflakes.
One screensaver feature a frosted window, decorated with candles and garlands and Christmas tree twigs. With this screensaver your monitor will look like a beautiful winter window covered with frost patterns, reminding your about the coming holidays, and will create a cozy atmosphere at your place.
Download free Christmas screensavers in Recent section of our website.

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