VIP Screensavers for Blog Readers

Hello, dear friends,

We have created a VIP web page with new screensavers, which are available only for our blog readers and subscribers.
Here there are HD* monitor screensavers which you wont find on our main website, as they will be released there only in several weeks.
But you, as a reader (subscriber) of this blog can easily visit VIP web page and come to be in a paradise of high quality scenes of nature when your computer is idle.

Moreover from now from time to time we will release some screensavers for our blog readers much earlier than for all others.

Also today we have released 10 more new free screensavers including 3d variants on nature, art themes, which are available for all visitors of

As usual these new free screensavers can be found, in section Recent of

* HD or high definition refers to a format of higher resolution than a standard-definition format.


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2 Responses to “VIP Screensavers for Blog Readers”

  1. elaine Says:

    i love your screensavers. i hope you will create a nice aquarium one. i dont trust alot of sites out there. i use yours. so please think abt. a nice aquarium. thanks so much. elaine

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      Hello, Elaine.
      Thank you for your kind words and for your comment.
      We will take your idea into consideration and do our best to create some nice aquarium screensavers.

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