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August 30, 2010


Ten more free screensavers are available on Now you can decorate your monitor with bright and colorful abstract sreensavers. Blinking yellow dots, lines, stars, bubbles, flowers will relieve the monotony of your monitor life.
All new free screensavers may be downloaded in one package on the Download free screensavers web page.

All screensavers by
are free, do not contain spy/adware, and are virus-free.

Weekly Update by

August 23, 2010

Ten more free screensavers are available on now. Here you will find new clock screensavers, animated screensavers, abstraction screensavers.

If your soul is searching for a relaxing and cosy atmosphere, I recommend you to download Sea Relax screensaver, which transforms you to the sandy and rocky sea cost where you may enjoy the sea water sound and a beautiful view of the sea.
BirdHd, FlowersAnimation, Moon Clock and Space Abstraction screensavers will also cope with this task.

But if you are in a playfull mood, I recommend you to settle a funny spy or a fly or a fish at your monitor. Let them examine the monitor while it is idle. Do not want to go far from the computer, get on the trail with Traces free screensaver.

All screensavers by
are free, do not contain spy/adware, and are virus-free.

In addition, created a new web option. Now you may download 10 screensavers located on one page as one single package.
The advantage of this option is that you will have 10 screensavers at once in one installer. and WOT system

August 18, 2010

Dear friends, fans and just visitors of Team needs your support!

Recently Team has realized that in accordance with WOT system (, that shows you which websites you can trust for safe surfing, shopping and searching on the web, we have got a controversial rating, in other words, we have fine comments and the reputation rating is poor.
We have asked WOT support for help, and what they have suggested we should do:
– ask your friends and customers to rate the site.
Thus, we would like to ask you to visit our page at WOT, register (I know it will take time, but we can do noting without registration nowadays) and to raise our rating by clicking the green parts in Reputation rating table and leave comments if you have a wish to write something about us.

We appreciate your help and your great interest to our website and what we are doing.

Best regards, Team

10 New Free Screensavers from

August 16, 2010

This week has released ten free screensavers on three themes:
Abstract, Clock (flag digital clock screensavers and analog clock screensavers) and Nature.
Though blog subscribers are already familiar with three screensavers from the new update, seven other free screensavers are new and nice.

A little bit more about the update.

This time we have added two more flag clock screensavers for Japan and Korea.

There are two more analog clock screensavers: Moon clock screensaver with Moon as a background and Analog Green clock screensavers.

AnalogGreenClock free screensaver from a collection of free screensavers on shows the local time. On the black background there is a big round clock. The numbers and arms are green. A strict and modest free screensaver.

Clouds is a new HD monitor free screensaver from on Nature theme. It features the sky covered with fleecy clouds. The clouds are moving very very fast from behind the mountains, which are barely seen on the background. The sun beams are hardly appearing through the clouds.

Blue Globus free screensaver features our planet in the space. The Globus turns round its axis showing all our continents. Fly into the space to glance at our beautiful planet. The main color of the screensaver is blue and different shades of blue. The screensaver creates a relaxing and charming atmosphere.

All screensavers by
are free, do not contain spy/adware, and are virus-free.

Free Clock screensavers with flags as a background from

August 9, 2010

Today have released 10 new free screensavers for patriots of Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, England, Israel, Netherlands, USA. Ten flags of ten countries are used as a background for clock screensavers. All screensavers feature round clocks with big yellow Roman numerals. In future these screensavers will be included in a separate category.

Recently I have got a message from one of out visitors regarding our free screensavers.
He has found it difficult to identify screensavers with its names, which I refer to in our blog or press-releases. Indeed some screensavers names are not seen on our website, but I can suggest you to do the following to know the name of a screensaver if required:
1) Open, for example, Download free screensavers page
2) Slide the PC mouse to a word combination Free download under any picture of a screensaver. Do not click it! Just point to it and look at the left bottom corner of the screen where you will see the name of the screensaver.

We are working on the redesign of our website, it is not too fast as we have expected, but anyway we are near to our aim.

The Update of VIP Webpage

August 5, 2010 has updated its Vip web page available only for its blog readers and newsletters subscribers.
Here you will find screensavers on abstract theme. Some of them are large downloads, for example, Inc Color screensaver and Paint HD screensaver, as they contain video, so, please, take it into consideration when download!

Download and enjoy free screensavers by

New Free Screensavers (the update)

August 2, 2010

This week offers new Nature screensavers on water theme. NFSSeaHd screensavers will transform you to the rocky sea cost where you may enjoy the sea water sound and think about the eternity of the Universe.
For sea-lovers has also prepared 3d screensaver Fish: striped fish float across the monitor changing pictures on sea theme. Though the screensaver is not a small download, it is still worth to be seen, as it is very bright and relaxing.
If you prefer calm water, released three monitor HD screensavers represented forest rivers and ponds.
Abstract-fans may be glad to find out Red, Blue and Green absract screensavers. Just download free screensavers and enjoy.

All screensavers by are free, do not contain spy/adware, and are virus-free.

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