Free Clock screensavers with flags as a background from

Today have released 10 new free screensavers for patriots of Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, England, Israel, Netherlands, USA. Ten flags of ten countries are used as a background for clock screensavers. All screensavers feature round clocks with big yellow Roman numerals. In future these screensavers will be included in a separate category.

Recently I have got a message from one of out visitors regarding our free screensavers.
He has found it difficult to identify screensavers with its names, which I refer to in our blog or press-releases. Indeed some screensavers names are not seen on our website, but I can suggest you to do the following to know the name of a screensaver if required:
1) Open, for example, Download free screensavers page
2) Slide the PC mouse to a word combination Free download under any picture of a screensaver. Do not click it! Just point to it and look at the left bottom corner of the screen where you will see the name of the screensaver.

We are working on the redesign of our website, it is not too fast as we have expected, but anyway we are near to our aim.


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6 Responses to “Free Clock screensavers with flags as a background from”

  1. myrtle papp Says:

    please inform meof new things with the freescreensaversand clock

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      Thank you for your idea. As soon as such screensavers appear, I will write about in our blog.

  2. jas Says:

    ur good

  3. jas Says:

    u r good

  4. Székely Lajos Says:

    Az órák megszerkesztése,ötletessége remek.nagy kreatívitásról tanúskodik.

  5. bradley wyatt Says:

    Hi Sceensavers
    Do you have a screensaver for Batman Begins please.
    The one featuring the Bat itself.
    Regards Brad Wyatt

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