10 New Free Screensavers from Newfreescreensavers.com

This week NewFreeScreensavers.com has released ten free screensavers on three themes:
Abstract, Clock (flag digital clock screensavers and analog clock screensavers) and Nature.
Though blog subscribers are already familiar with three screensavers from the new update, seven other free screensavers are new and nice.

A little bit more about the update.

This time we have added two more flag clock screensavers for Japan and Korea.

There are two more analog clock screensavers: Moon clock screensaver with Moon as a background and Analog Green clock screensavers.

AnalogGreenClock free screensaver from a collection of free screensavers on NewFreeScreensavers.com shows the local time. On the black background there is a big round clock. The numbers and arms are green. A strict and modest free screensaver.

Clouds is a new HD monitor free screensaver from NewFreeScreensavers.com on Nature theme. It features the sky covered with fleecy clouds. The clouds are moving very very fast from behind the mountains, which are barely seen on the background. The sun beams are hardly appearing through the clouds.

Blue Globus free screensaver features our planet in the space. The Globus turns round its axis showing all our continents. Fly into the space to glance at our beautiful planet. The main color of the screensaver is blue and different shades of blue. The screensaver creates a relaxing and charming atmosphere.

All screensavers by NewFreeScreensavers.com
are free, do not contain spy/adware, and are virus-free.


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7 Responses to “10 New Free Screensavers from Newfreescreensavers.com”

  1. Dmvaria Says:


  2. saher Says:


  3. Alex S. Says:

    Hallo Team von Newfreescreensavers.

    Es ist mir immer noch nicht klar, warum Ihr so schöne Savers ins Netz
    stellt, gratis?? Und fast ohne Werbung auskommt.Auf jedenfall besten Dank
    WOT. warnt zwar vor Eurer Seite, habe aber nichts gefunden!!Kein Programm schlägt Alarm.Falls es doch mal was kostet, auch gut.?!

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      I write in English. Sorry.
      First of all, thank you for your kind words!
      Yes there is a problem with WOT system because of our poor rating. We contacted WOT support and they have suggested we should ask our friends and customers to rate the site. So if you have time, please rate us and leave a good comment. This will be the payment for screensavers 😉

  4. silvia Says:

    me agradan los salvapantallas sobretodo los de naturaleza,siempre los uso.

  5. Line Says:

    This page is fantastic and I am definately going to rate this page!
    I was wondering if there are coming more flag screencavers? Most of all the Scandinavian ones do interesst me 😉
    thank you so much for this great page!

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      Thank you for the idea about Scandinavian flags. Now we are working on the new design of the website. When it is ready we will add new flag screensavers.

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