and WOT system

Dear friends, fans and just visitors of Team needs your support!

Recently Team has realized that in accordance with WOT system (, that shows you which websites you can trust for safe surfing, shopping and searching on the web, we have got a controversial rating, in other words, we have fine comments and the reputation rating is poor.
We have asked WOT support for help, and what they have suggested we should do:
– ask your friends and customers to rate the site.
Thus, we would like to ask you to visit our page at WOT, register (I know it will take time, but we can do noting without registration nowadays) and to raise our rating by clicking the green parts in Reputation rating table and leave comments if you have a wish to write something about us.

We appreciate your help and your great interest to our website and what we are doing.

Best regards, Team


3 Responses to “ and WOT system”

  1. ray Says:

    very happy with screensavers

  2. jimcoupland Says:

    i am very happy with screensavers i just wish they would havecustom cars as screensavers

  3. Szekely Lajos Says:

    Itt jelentkezik a nyelvtudás hiánya!Nem tudom mit írjak

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