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September 28, 2010

This week we have added new free screensavers on abstraction theme. Colorful, sparkling and constantly changing unimaginable figures will decorate your monitor when it is idle.

Also there are two free clock screensavers . The Skyscraper clock free screensaver will suit the business atmosphere and operating mode of any office.

The other one free clock screensaver, Clock Night Butterfly, is a relaxing screensaver features a lake at night as a background and a round clock framed by night butterflies.

All screensavers by are free, do not contain spy/adware, and are virus-free.

How to mute a screensaver?

September 20, 2010


In accordance with several requests from visitors,  we have decided to release an instruction on How to turn off the sound of a screensaver.

In Windows XP and Vista, you can mute a screensaver easily:

For XP:

–  Click Start, then click Settings and go to Control Panel.

– When the Control Panel window opens, double-click on the Display icon. This brings up the Display Properties window.

– Select the Screensaver tab, and select the screensaver you want to use from the drop-down menu.

For Vista:

– Click Start and go to Control Panel

– When the Control Panel window opens, double-click on the Personalization icon. This brings up the Personalization Properties window.

– Select the Screensaver tab, and select the screensaver you want to use from the drop-down menu

Next steps both for XP and Vista:

– To change the Sound option (or other settings), click Settings. Depending on the screensaver, this window can have one or more options that you can modify.

– Select a Mute option to turn off the sound of a screensaver you have selected.

–  Once you have finished changing the settings, click OK. is Ready for Oktoberfest

September 16, 2010

Oktoberfest is coming and we are ready to celebrate it.
Download new free screensavers on Oktoberfest theme to decorate computer monitors and bring an Oktoberfest atmosphere anywhere.

Autumn with

September 13, 2010

Hot summer gave way to autumn, but autumn is not only rainy days, heavy clouds, it is also beautiful leaf falls, yellow and red leafage, bright autumn sun.
Download free autumn screensavers from and enjoy the view of mountain rivers at autumn, autumn alleys with falling leaves and birdsong.

For some people Autumn is Oktoberfest, which celebrates 200 th anniversary this year. At the end of the week releases the set of free sacreensavers on Oktoberfest theme.

Rotating mugs with beer, beer bubbles, Oktoberfest clocks, Octoberfest smiling waitresses, fireworks under the Octoberfest field will decorate the computer monitors during the holidays and create a festive mood and atmosphere of Oktoberfest in any place. Some Oktoberfest free screensavers show time, date and the year in order festival goers could not miss any important event of the festival. Offers to Admire the Beauty of Flowers

September 7, 2010 has released a new collection of based-on-video screensavers, which feature summer flowers in blossom.
Free flower screensavers by feature bunches and bouquets of daisies, sunflowers, irises, snapdragons, lilies, tulips and of course roses.  Free flower screensavers from are so beautiful that any pc monitor will become a masterpiece and will decorate any room. With flower screensavers you will feel summer is surrounding you and your house is transforming into a garden with delightful flowers.
Though flower screensavers are based on videos, it is very easy to download them. Moreover offers flower free screensavers in one package.

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