has update its collection of free screensavers

This week we have added new free screensavers on abstraction theme. Colorful, sparkling and constantly changing unimaginable figures will decorate your monitor when it is idle.

Also there are two free clock screensavers . The Skyscraper clock free screensaver will suit the business atmosphere and operating mode of any office.

The other one free clock screensaver, Clock Night Butterfly, is a relaxing screensaver features a lake at night as a background and a round clock framed by night butterflies.

All screensavers by are free, do not contain spy/adware, and are virus-free.

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5 Responses to “ has update its collection of free screensavers”

  1. Rosalie Says:

    This website has the best screensavers I have seen so far! And for free! Keep up the good work……thank you rono

  2. Raymond Says:

    Please make the “Abstraction Diagonal Line” screensaver fullscreen please !

  3. Lyle Sutton Says:

    Why can’t I get the screensavers from to work on my windows vista 64-bit. I can only find them in my Programs and Features icon in my control panel, I do not want to delete them I want to run them. Do I have to download some kind of software to make them work. Can someone help me with this delima?? Thank you for your support.

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