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New Free Screensavers on New Themes

October 28, 2010

Sport is a new theme for our free screensavers.
If you are keen on sport, download and install our free sport screensavers: cycling, jogging, football.
Are you a board games fan? Then cards and Rubik cube screensavers are for you.
Halloween is around the corner and we offer some more free screensavers on Halloween theme, this time they are bright and funny.
Finally if you seek for relaxation, download fish screensaver and step aside of the computer. Let the fish screensaver add calm and relaxing atmosphere to your place.
Have a good day.

Halloween screensavers

October 21, 2010

Hello dear friends,
This time we offer you to download our free Halloween screensavers to put you in mood for October 31.
Spiders, creepy noise, carving luminous pumpkins (Jack O`Lanterns), ghosts, night bats will create Halloween atmosphere and will decorate your idle monitor within the festive period.

It is Time to Change The Look of Your Monitor.

October 14, 2010 has released 10 new free screensavers. This time we offer amazing bright free screensavers on various themes. You can download them all as one package and to change them every day or you can download them one by one.
Diamond screensaver will decorate your monitor with a big rotating diamond. It`s size is impressive!
Digital clock screensavers will both decorate your monitor and show the local time.
For speed and car lovers there are few screensavers which we call Clock Speed
And of course a little bit abstraction screensavers are added.

Let`s make our life brighter.

Video review of the release:

Weekly update plus new free screensavers for mobile phones

October 11, 2010

We have added ten new free screensavers on different themes, abstraction, clock free screensavers, waterscape, nature.
There is a possibility to download all ten new free screensavers in one package and change free screensavers every day.
Video review:

Also we are glad to announce the release of free screensavers for mobile phones . First free screensavers for mobile phones are of two formats .gif 240 x 320 and 640 x 480.
These are the most popular mobile formats.
Here is the instruction How to download and install our free screensavers to your mobile
It is simple: just save it to your computer and then copy to the mobile.

– Right click on the preview image
– Select “Save Picture As” and save it to your computer
– Open the file to preview the screensaver
– Copy the screensaver to your cell phone using Cable or Bluetooth

Free Waterscape screensavers

October 4, 2010

We have released ten new free screensavers on nature theme, water. Waterscape screensavers feature clean sea bottoms, sand, pebbles, light beams reflecting into the water, fish. All these create a relaxing atmosphere. The waterscape screensavers do not contain any sound background, so the music cannot draw your attention from relaxation or business.

Download free screensavers, enjoy and have a good day!

Best regards, Team

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