It is Time to Change The Look of Your Monitor. has released 10 new free screensavers. This time we offer amazing bright free screensavers on various themes. You can download them all as one package and to change them every day or you can download them one by one.
Diamond screensaver will decorate your monitor with a big rotating diamond. It`s size is impressive!
Digital clock screensavers will both decorate your monitor and show the local time.
For speed and car lovers there are few screensavers which we call Clock Speed
And of course a little bit abstraction screensavers are added.

Let`s make our life brighter.

Video review of the release:


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3 Responses to “It is Time to Change The Look of Your Monitor.”

  1. luis Says:

    no entiendo mucho el inges ,pero en verdad sonexelentes salvapantallas ,quisiera deswcargar para el pone,i que me notificaran via email gracias

  2. Joan Gillespie Says:

    I really just love newfreescreensavers – and, would you believe, they are free.

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