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Hello dear friends,
Today I have decided to show up the result of the last survey carried out on our website.
First of all thank you for your answers, you really help us to improve our website and screensavers.

So, the question was:
Is there anything on this site that doesn’t work the way you expected it to?

From 206, 303 views for 5 days , we have got 2, 396 answers.
86% answers: everything is ok.
And the rest 14% of the respondents leaved their comments both positive and negative:
1) Some of you would like to see the search option. This option and categories will appear on our new website. Now we are working on it.
2) We also have corrected the dead links.
3) Regarding the versions of our website in different languages. It is only a matter of time.
4) Those who could not download our screensavers, we would appreciate if you send us a message and describe the problem in details.
5) Regarding viruses. Those users, who receive false messages from their Antivirus programs regarding our screensavers, please write us the name of the screensaver and what Antivirus software do you use. Meanwhile I assure you that our free screensavers are safe to install and run. I recommend you to test the files with the help of Virustotal. Here you will find, for example, the result for XMAS5 free screensavers. I have brought this example, as one of our users noted that it contains viruses. But it does not, as well as all other screensavers are virus free.

You may leave all your comments in our blog, on our Facebook page , on our Mywot page or by-email

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One Response to “Survey Result from”

  1. marcos do carmo de morais Says:

    Não tive nenhum problema

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