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Five New Free Screensavers

December 30, 2010

Today we have added five new free screensavers on winter holidays theme.
To see all free Christmas and New Year screensavers by click Christmas and New Year !

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2010

Dear friends,
We are glad you have been with us within this year and we managed to bring you moments of joy, warmth and happiness.
May the Love, Peace, and Joy of Christmas be yours always.
Merry Christmas.

Best Regards, Team

New Free Screensavers are Released

December 22, 2010

Hello dear friends,

Today we have released 5 new free screensavers. Some of them are with transparent background. So be sure that there is nothing secret shown in the monitor when your computer is idle.
At the request of our users we embedded music to our free screensavers.
To download Christmas screensavers and create atmosphere of comfort and holiday welcome to !

Best regards and Merry Christmas to your and yours!!!

PS: Here is How to mute a screensaver instruction.

Update: Christmas and New Year screensavers

December 16, 2010

5 new free screensavers are added. This time all of them show the local time.
To select and download a free Christmas screensaver for your monitor click Christmas and New Year !

New Christmas screensavers will help you to create the proper holiday mood.

5 New Holiday screensavers

December 13, 2010

We have released five more holiday screensavers to decorate your monitors.
All new screensavers are animated, accompanied with music, bright and funny.

All screensavers are free, safe and easy downloads.

Creative Competition: Upload your photo and get a free screensaver

December 9, 2010 announces about the beginning of the creative competition “Christmas and New Year”

-take a picture on a Christmas or New Year theme: a picture of your Christmas tree, toys, decoration, etc
-upload your picture to the wall of Facebook page
-tell about your picture to your friends
-vote for the best picture and get a free screensaver with this picture on your PC!

Prize: a free screensaver with your picture that will be released on our website. And of course, popularity to the winner!

The last day
of the last vote is 20 of December 2010. So on 21 of December we will announce the winner. Within 3 next days a screensaver with the best Christmas or New Year photo will be released on

Here are the rules:
When you upload a photo, you are agreeing to the rules and guidelines set below:
1. Ownership: You own the material you upload. If you upload something that is owned by someone else or contains materials owned by someone else, we have the right to delete that item without notification.
2. Distribution: When you upload a photo to Facebook page you agree that the photo will be used by for creation of a screensaver, which will be released on and will be downloaded by visitors of, in other words you allow us to distribute your property to others.
2. Terms of membership: is a free webpage. We do not charge you for our screensavers and you do not charge us to display and distribute your property (in our case your photo and a screensaver with your photo)
3. Liability and responsibility: is not liable for the contest of the Facebook page. When you upload something, the responsibility is on you that you’re uploading materials you own.
4. Be respectful: behave with honor and integrity. We expect visitors of the Facebook webpage to be respectful when dealing with other participants and visitors of Facebook page.
5. Uploading terms:
Only one photo from a fan of Facebook page is accepted. When the winner is announced, we will ask him\er to send us this picture by email.
Quality and functionality: Upload a photo you would like to see in a screensaver. The image should me not less than 300 dpi (your picture should be qualitative otherwise we are not able to create a screensaver of a good quality).
Art theft, copyrights, trademarks, advertisement: photos taken from other websites are not accepted to be uploaded at Newfreescreensavers Facebook page. No Urls, website names, logos, names or nicknames, faces of your friends or relatives are accepted in photos. We either do not accept pictures including but not limited to pictures taken from movies, television shows, games, web sites, magazines, celebrity pictures.
Violence and Pornography photos are not accepted and will be deleted.

Winter has already come: new free screensavers on winter theme.

December 9, 2010

Today we offer free screensavers on winter theme: falling snowflakes, mountains covered with snow, snowdrifts, winter forests, rime.
If you are very busy these days and have no time to arrange outing, free winter screensavers will help you to feel winter time.

You can select the screensavers you like or download all 10 winter free screensavers in one package and change them every day.

All screensavers by are free, safe and easy downloads.

10 New Free Screensavers for your Cell Phones

December 6, 2010

Christmas is getting closer and closer….and probably some of you are already thinking about decorating their homes, offices, and even cars.
Why should we ignore our computers and cell phones?
Today we offer to decorate your cell phones with Christmas screensavers and wallpapers too. Here are 10 new screensavers, as usual 5 for cell phones with resolution 240×320 and 5 new screensavers for cell phones with resolution 480×640 .
To select and download a free Christmas screensaver for your gadgets click Christmas and New Year !

Five More Holiday Screensavers by

December 2, 2010

Hello dear friends,
Today we have released 5 more new holiday screensavers: Candles, Xmasonbeach, XmasReflection, Xmascandles, XmasTree.
Christmas or New Year screensaver is one of the ways to spread the festive cheer and the true spirit of celebration.
If you are already busy with decorating your home, there are no reasons to pass by your computer.

To see both new and all free Christmas and New Year screensavers by click Christmas and New Year !

Weekly Update from

December 1, 2010

As we promised, today we have released all the rest Zodiac screensavers. Find your own sign amoung Free Zodiac Screensavers and click Download.

Also the new update includes three more screensavers on Nature theme:
Winter screensaver, a seasonal screensaver for a winter period;
Water clock screensaver features round clock on the changing background;
Lake screensaver features mountain lake and a small castle on its coast. The slight ripples create a very relaxing atmosphere.

All screensavers by are free, safe and easy downloads.

Here are the screenshots of some of the screensavers from the update:

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