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Five New Screensavers from

January 28, 2011

Click to preview and download five new screensavers:
nfsSpy1, only for girls (the screensaver has a keyboard escape option);
nfsBlackheart, love differs;
nfsMusicWave has a keyboard escape option, in order to mute a screensaver click a special button in the screen;
nfsTick-Tock features two nice alarm-clocks;
nfsManyhearts will show a glade of red hearts on your screen.

To preview new screensavers, please visit our page at Youtube .

New Love screensavers

January 25, 2011

Five new free screensavers are available on Saint Valentines Day page.

Videos of some screensavers were uploaded at Youtube.
Click nfsLoveJackpot screensaver and
nfsLove screensaver to preview the screensavers.

All screensavers by are free, safe and easy downloads.

Saint Valentines Screensavers Page

January 21, 2011

Hello dear friends,
We have created a special page for a special occasion: Saint Valetines Day, a traditional holiday celebrating love and warmth.
Click Saint Valentines to see free screensavers on this theme.
Today we have added five new ILOVEU and St. Valentines screensavers. The collection will grow next week.

New Free Mobile Screensavers

January 21, 2011

Ten new free screensavers for mobile phones are released.
As usual there are two formats .gif 240 x 320 and 640 x 480. These are the most popular mobile formats.
Five screensavers of 640 x 480 format feature five countries.
Screensavers of 240 x 320 format feature different topics: love, nature and abstraction.

How to download and install our free screensavers to your mobile:
– To preview a screensaver, click on the image of a screensaver you like
– Close the preview window
– Click Download, a new window with the selected screensaver will appear
– Right click on the preview image, Select “Save Picture As” and save it to your computer
– Copy the screensaver to your cell phone using Cable or Bluetooth

Weekly update by

January 14, 2011

Ten more free screensavers are available on

Most of them feature nature scenes: 4 seasons, animals, butterflies, flowers, waterfalls. All Nature screensavers are slideshow screensavers.
Moreover pictures from 4 seasons, animals and butterfly screensavers can be used as a wallpaper. Just click settings and select Wallpaper in the settings window.

Also there is one Digital Clock Screensaver with a bright splash of light. The light is of three colors: blue, yellow and lavender. A very stylish screensaver.

For travellers we have released a screensaver called Cardio. It features the most famous places of interest of 5 counties: the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany. You will see The Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, la tour Eiffel, the Coliseum and Brandenburger Tor in the form of a cardiogram. They will remind you about your holidays or your dream to visit these countries.

All new free screensavers may be downloaded in one package on the Download free screensavers web page or one by one.

All screensavers by
are free, safe and easy downloads.

Make a screensaver from your Christmas holiday photos.

January 10, 2011

Hello dear friends.
I hope you have had a good holiday and I am sure you have got plenty great photos to show.
That is why I would like to introduce you three photoslide or photocollage screensavers, which were tested by our Team. All programs make collage screensaver on your computer automatically.

First photo screensavers is Photo Screensaver Scenarios by . They offer plenty different features. You may include a clock, a calendar and even your appointment reminders.

Second program is Photo Collage screensaver by . You can choose whether your pictures should be shown in turn or in random order, set the speed of displaying the pictures and stop the screensaver at any moment to have a better look at the picture.

Third program called Flowbubbles by . It allows to embed your pictures into bubbles ( the sames as vista bubbles). This Bubbles screensaver can change background pictures with photo slidesshow. You can use the default image, desktop image or select a picture as background. Also there is a possibility to choose bubbles shape as soap bubbles, heart bubbles, glass frame.
Pros of this program: it supports Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista and even Mac.
The only con is that it is not completely free.
Anyway there is a free version too.

Any photo screensaver your select, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your Christmas photos.

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