Volcano and Lakes Free Screensavers.

Today we offer you to expand your living space with free screensavers on nature theme.
Five new screensavers are added.

nfsLagunaVerde free screensaver features a mountain in a green Laguna. Water ripples are animated.

nfsBarcisLakeItaly is a free screensaver featuring magic view at a lake. Birdsong and the sound of water ripples create a magic atmosphere and will take you outside the office or home.

nfsVolcano free screensaver features several animated pictures of volcano.

nfsVolcanoVideo is a free screensaver created on the bases of a video of an active volcano.

nfsVioletAbstraction is a free clock screensaver, which will personalize the screen of your monitor and show the local time.

All screensavers by NewFreeScreensavers.com are free, safe and easy downloads.

PS: We recommend you to download and try our Free NFS Screensavers manager
We appreciate your comments.

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2 Responses to “Volcano and Lakes Free Screensavers.”

  1. Darla Siereveld Says:

    I still cant delete my screen savers, can you delete them for me ?
    I am going to replace them with other’s. For some reason I can not get them to go away!
    Thank You,
    Darla Siereveld

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      Hello Darla,
      We cannot delete a screensaver from your computer.
      Please follow the instruction:
      1. Click the Windows “Start” button and click the “Control Panel.”
      2. Click on “Programs” in the Control Panel and then click on “Programs and Features.” You will see a list of screensavers installed on your computer.
      3. Scroll through and click the screensaver you want to delete. Click “Uninstall” to remove it from your computer.
      Note that the screensavers that come with Windows, however, can’t be removed.

      If this does not help, go to folder:
      XP and Vista 32: C:/Windows/System32
      Windows Vista 64 : C:/Windows/SysWow64
      Find there files of .scr format and delet the screensavers of scr format you do not like manually.

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