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Contest of Summer 2011 from!

June 30, 2011

Dear friends, announces the contest.
We call it “Best review on”

Write the best review on and Get Free Kindle, an e-book reader.

1) Write a review on our website or screensavers or a separate screensaver with a link to our website.
2) Publish it at your webpage, blog, social website page.
3) Send us the link to your review at our Facebook page or to or Twitter (@NFSscreensavers).
Attention: you have four weeks for the above three steps (from 11 July till 7 August, 2011)!!!
We stop collecting links on 7 August, 2011.

After that
4) We make a poll at our Facebook page, which will continue within two weeks (8 till 21 August, 2011)
Attention: We will announce the Best review on August, 23, 2011 at our blog page.

The Best review will get KINDLE, an e-book reader developed by!
Free, just for the best review on

Canada Day and Other Free Screensavers

June 29, 2011

Hello Dear friends,
canada day As we promised, today we have released free screensavers dedicated to Canada Day, which takes place on July 1st and is celebrated with music, art, food and fireworks all over Canada.
In Canada Day category you will find free screensavers for Windows.

Mac users can download Canada screensavers in the category Mac screensavers .

For non-Canada visitors of our website we offer to download new Nature free screensavers, which will turn your monitor into something amazing.

PS: As usual you can preview all new free screensavers at our Youtube page.

Independence Day Screensavers

June 27, 2011 congratulates all people in the USA with this holiday and informs you that we have created a special collection of screensavers for this holiday.
Screensavers description:

nfsIDFly is a free screensaver featuring balloons with USA symbols. It is a cartoon animated screensaver.

nfsIndependenceDayGallery free screensaver includes 34 beautiful pictures of America. All pictures are animated.

nfsIndependenceDayShip free screensaver is dedicated to Independence day.

nfsIndependencedayStar free screensavers features military yellow stars.

nfsStatueofLibertySalute free screensaver featuring beautiful fireworks and the Statue of Liberty.

As usual you can preview all new free screensavers at our Youtube page.

PS: Later on this week we will release two more screensavers dedicated to Independence Day and a few free screensavers featuring Canadian flag. 1st of July is the Canada Day, which observances take place throughout Canada as well as internationally. It is a day celebrated with music, art, food and fireworks all over Canada.

Update your monitor with new free screensavers.

June 24, 2011

I am sure that you have already downloaded a nice screensaver from , which make you glad and maybe even happy, anyway today we offer you to download two very relaxing sreensavers on nature theme. They are nfsButterfliesSky and nfsUndewater09.

nfsButterfliesSky is a free screensaver featuring flying beautiful butterflies in the sky.
nfsUnderwater09 is a free screensaver which will transform your monitor in an aquarium.

Soon our visitors from the USA will celebrate one of the most important holiday in their country, Independence Day. Specially for them we have opened a new holiday category Independence day. Now there is only one screensaver nfsIndependanceDay02 free screensaver with a countdown is dedicated to Independence Day held in the USA on 4th of July, but next week we will upload more screensavers dedicated to this special holiday.

Two flag screensavers flag screensavers , this time nfsIndonesiaDigitalClock and nfsIndonesiaAnalogClock free screensavers.

5 New Free Downloadable Screensavers: Orlando Bloom, Garfield, Waterfalls, Palms and Abstraction

June 22, 2011

First of all today we are glad to tell you that was reviewed by MakeUseOf .com, a booming daily blog that features cool websites, computer tips, and downloads that make you more productive.
We are very happy about that and offer you to read the post about our website: NewFreeScreensavers: Directory Of Free Downloadable Screen-savers [Windows & Mac]

Now a few words about the update of screensavers for Windows:

nfsOrlandoBloom free screensaver featuring pictures of Orlando Bloom and a round analog clock.

nfsGarfieldSleeps free screensaver is a animated free screensaver will be loved by Garfield`s fans. Download this screensaver and you will see dreams of sleeping Garfield.

nfsMountainReflection is a free nature screensavers featuring a beautiful mountain view. Birdsong and sounds of water will create and magic atmosphere.

nfsPalmTreesRain free screensaver on nature theme will expand your living space with a relaxing view and sounds of slight rain and nice birdsong.

nfsFlashAbstraction is a bright free screensaver on abstraction theme which will brighten up your monitor.

10 New Free Screensavers from

June 20, 2011

10 new free screensavers are available for download at .
Here they are:

nfsAbstractionLines and nfsAbstrationRain are free screensavers on abstraction theme.

nfsWaterRipples is a free screensaver featuring sparkling water ripples

nfsWaterReflection is a free screensaver featuring beautiful waterfall mirrored in water. The sound of water can be muted.

nfsHannoverReflection is a free screensaver featuring an old building near water. Slight ripples of water create a magic and relaxing atmosphere. Use ESC button to escape from the screensaver.

nfsSummerLandscape free screensaver features a beautiful summer landscape.

nfsStormLake is a free screensaver featuring lake, storm and lightening.

nfsNewZealandDigitalClock free clock screensaver features waving flag of New Zealand embedded into a big digital clock displaying time on your monitor. The screensaver is for patriots of their country and fans of New Zealand. The clock numbers are big and can be easily seen from everywhere.

nfsNewZealandAnalogClock free screensaver features waving flag of New Zealand and a round clock displaying time on your monitor. The screensaver is for patriots of their country and fans of New Zealand. The clock numbers are Roman numerals, they are big and can be easily seen from everywhere. In the center of the round clock there is the Coat of Arms of New Zealand.

nfsBirthPlanet is a 3D animated screensaver.

All screensavers by are free, safe and easy downloads.

Father`s Day Screensavers

June 16, 2011

Hello dear aficionados!
Father’s day is coming and here is our collection of Father`s Day screensavers.
We congratulate all fathers with such a nice holiday and wish you good health and happiness!

In todays release you will also find some new screensavers:
– two flag screensavers: nfsRussianAnalogClock and nfsRussianDigitalClock
nfsMechclock 3D screensaver
nfsAquariumandCat is a free screensaver featuring a black cat looking at a round aquarium with fish. The screensaver includes a calendar and a clokc. Note: Use ESC button to escape from the screensaver
nfsFathersday screensaver dedicated to Father`s Day.

PS: We recommend you to download and try our Free NFS Screensavers manager

Screensavers for Mac at : Download and Enjoy.

June 1, 2011

Dear friends,
Today we have created a new page at our website for Mac screensavers (resolution 16:10 and 16:9).
To start with we offer 22 screensavers for users of Mac operation system.

How to download and install a screensaver to Mac?
1) Click Download button near a screenshot of a screensaver you like.
2) The Installer will start.
3) Select a screensaver, adjust settings and enjoy a screensaver when your computer is idle.

Also note that Mac can be asleep before the screen saver is activated. In this case you may never see a screensaver, as the activation time of a screen saver is longer than the time to sleep specified in the Energy Saver preferences panel. So if your monitor goes blank instead of displaying the screensaver, adjust the settings in the Energy Saver preferences panel.

If you and your friends use Mac, please download and test our Mac screensavers . We appreciate if you leave your comments at our blog or write us at

For PC we have released two new screensavers today:

nfsSputnikofEarth is a free space screensaver, featuring Earth in space and flying sputnik.

nfsGreenWaterfall is a free screensaver on nature theme, featuring beautiful waterfall, flying birds and water ripples. The audio background of birdsong and water can be muted.

All screensavers by are free, safe and easy downloads.

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