Independence Day Screensavers congratulates all people in the USA with this holiday and informs you that we have created a special collection of screensavers for this holiday.
Screensavers description:

nfsIDFly is a free screensaver featuring balloons with USA symbols. It is a cartoon animated screensaver.

nfsIndependenceDayGallery free screensaver includes 34 beautiful pictures of America. All pictures are animated.

nfsIndependenceDayShip free screensaver is dedicated to Independence day.

nfsIndependencedayStar free screensavers features military yellow stars.

nfsStatueofLibertySalute free screensaver featuring beautiful fireworks and the Statue of Liberty.

As usual you can preview all new free screensavers at our Youtube page.

PS: Later on this week we will release two more screensavers dedicated to Independence Day and a few free screensavers featuring Canadian flag. 1st of July is the Canada Day, which observances take place throughout Canada as well as internationally. It is a day celebrated with music, art, food and fireworks all over Canada.


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