5 new free screensavers: waterfall, forest, beach, clouds, aquarium

Last week we got a few requests from our users to remake some of our Mac screensavers for Windows. So here they are :

nfsAquariumAppleWin free screensaver features an aquarium in the form of an apple with animated fish,
nfsWaterfallinAppleWin is a free screensaver, featuring an animated waterfall inside an apple. The audio background of birdsong and water can be muted.
These screensavers will add your PC the look of Mac.

Also we added three more new screensavers for Windows users.
nfsBeachWave free screensaver features an amazing nature view. The sound of water ripple, the birdsong create a relaxing atmosphere. Just run the screensaver and enjoy. The sound can be muted.

nfsForestWarmth free screensaver features a beautiful forest in summer. Light Beams are appearing through the trees. The butterflies fly from a flower to flower. The slight wind trembles the grass. No sound.

With nfsCloudsWind free screensaver you will find yourself over the clouds. Only the sound of wind and waving clouds will surround you. The sound can be muted.

For Mac users we have released one more mac screensaver. It is created with the help of a picture made by one of our website visitors Levan Totosashvili. He has an amazing gallery at flickr.
Soon our screensavers` users will be able to download screensavers with his wonderful pictures at our website www.newfreescreensavers.com.

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