How Does Your Monitor Look With Our Free Screensavers?

free screensaverIt seems that this week our users have confederated and as a result we have received several photos of our users`s monitors featuring our free screensavers. It is really great. We were surprised and pleased at the same time.

Please LIKE us on Facebook to see all photos and maybe even upload your photo of monitor featuring our screensaver on our wall.
We will select the best one and place it near our logo on our facebook page.

This week we have released more new free screensavers, which you will see on our Free Download page.

As always, we’d appreciate your comments and suggestions, so if you think that we’ve missed any interesting topic for a screensaver, please feel free to contact us wherever it is convenient for you: Facebook, Twitter or email

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Have a good weekend!!!


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One Response to “How Does Your Monitor Look With Our Free Screensavers?”

  1. Paul and Jacky BOUSQUET Says:

    We enjoy your weekly email
    But when we want to dowload
    where you have an extra dowload
    with a lot of photos in the background
    my securtity in my ordi flash me that
    it is unsecure with a VIRUS
    Otherwise we dowload the other photos..
    Thank you
    Paul and Jacky

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