Desktop Wallpapers: Update and Some Interesting Facts.

Today we have updated our collection of free wallpapers with aquariums and flowers. We offer to play with all of them and watch your desktop light up a new way every time you want.

Now offers a collection of free static wallpapers on different themes: nature, sports, abstraction, and aquarium and ocean life. The advantage of a static wallpaper is that it does not distract your attention from work, but decorate your desktop and make it personalized. Some systems (Windows 7 and Mac) allow setting random show of wallpapers.

Some facts about wallpapers:
1) Do you know that wallpapers can be of different types?
The most common are static wallpapers, animated and interactive.

2) Do you know that “Wallpaper” is the term used in Microsoft Windows before Windows Vista (where it is called the Desktop “Background”), while Mac OS X calls it a “desktop picture”?
To learn how to set up a wallpaper, please read our blog post Wallpapers: how to set up a wallpaper for Windows and Mac?.
3) Do you know that you can use your photo albums as wallpapers? It is very easy.

1. Open Windows Photo Gallery by clicking the Start button, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Photo Gallery.
2. Find the picture that you want to use, right-click it, and then click Set as desktop background.
Your desktop background automatically changes to the picture that you selected.

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3 Responses to “Desktop Wallpapers: Update and Some Interesting Facts.”

  1. Bárbara Azevedo santos Says:

    Boa tarde, muito obrigado peal atenção , pela generosidade, por tanta beleza que oferecem.Abraços a todos ♥

  2. Ardeshir Bagheri Says:

    I use mac lion.i love light blue colors to cool me down.i need some beach wall photos.please guid me or send me file to be downloaded.
    thank you so much

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