Free screensavers: end of summer.

As summer is coming to its end, let`s catch every moment to enjoy it.
Today we have released new free screensavers on nature theme: sea, sun and sand and flame. We called them nfsWhiteBeach, nfsShipSunset, nfsNearWaves, nfsFlame, nfsOctopus.
To preview these screensavers, please visit our Youtube channel.

Summer is a good time for vacation. If you plan to visit Europe, we have screensavers featuring metro maps of Paris, Moscow and London.
Moreover today we have released the updated screensavers featuring London Metro Map. Now they feature the latest London Tube updates.
Despite the latest riots in London, London remains one of the interesting places which worth to be seen.
Also you can download free screensavers featuring metro map of Washington and Los Angeles.

PS: Soon, very soon we will revile a new design of our website. It differs very much from our current website. We returned All screensavers on one page webpage. Preview windows won`t be active in a beta version, but still you can preview our free screensavers in our Youtube channel. Subscribe for ongoing videos of our screensavers.

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