Weekly Update of Free Screensavers.

Dear friends,
Here is our first big update since we have launched our new website.
Today we offer new free screensavers on Nature theme: waterfall, lake, underwater life, cats, etc.
Click All screensavers to see the update.

As you might know, we have revealed a new design of our website.
Now we are testing its new navigation. We appreciate all your comments on the work of a new website. If you face any bug, error message or you just like our new web design, please let us know.
You can contact us via Contact form, which will appear if you click Contact us button at the bottom of each page of Newfreescreensavers.com , via Facebook or even Twitter .


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4 Responses to “Weekly Update of Free Screensavers.”

  1. AEN Says:

    I don’t like several things about NFS …
    1) There is the elaborate un/install when we could just download/run the .scr file;
    2) The un/install opens a browser tab to NFS … DON’T LIKE THIS!
    3) The WorldTime03 does not have changing sunlight pattern;
    4) Many of these screensavers are really just artsy clocks,
    but they run at 100% CPU usage on my P4!
    A clock should not require 100% CPU usage!

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      Hello AEN,
      Thank you for your comment.
      1) .SCR file must be manually put into a specific folder on your computer. EXE file simplifies the users` work, it helps to install a screensaver automatically into a specific folder in accordance with a system!
      2) We earn on showing ads. That is why additional opening of our website is crucial for us.
      3) Indeed this screensaver is not animated. It is just a picture. As soon as we can, we plan to create a similar screensaver, but animated and with a function when a user can add a city or cities he/she needs.
      4) Perhaps it happens because of a script we use to create clock screensavers. Please write us the names of such screensavers, in order we could trace the regular occurance.
      Also we recommend you to read this information about Best screensaver on our website.
      For further inforamtion, please contact us via our Contact Form.
      Thank you,
      NewFreeScreensavers.com Team

  2. Elsteroth Says:

    nfsWorldTime07 shows Japan and Seoul PM when it should be AM.

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