Weekly Update of Free Screensavers at www.newfreescreensavers.com

Today we have updated our collection of screensavers for users of Windows.
Two more screensavers appeared in the category Celebrities. If you are a fan of Gwen Stefani or Diddy, you can download screensavers featuring their photos in Category People/Celebrities .
If you do not find a screensaver with your favorite singer or actor/actress, please let us know.
We accept all your comments and suggestions on Facebook, Twitter or by email, just open the Contact us form on our website Newfreescreensavers.com to send us a message.
Nature is our favorite topic: this time we have added screensavers featuring Lakes and mountains.
All nature screensavers feature water ripples, moving clouds and flying birds.
If you need to learn how to install or delete a screensaver, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page , where you will find more useful and interesting information about screensavers by Newfreescreensavers.com.

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2 Responses to “Weekly Update of Free Screensavers at www.newfreescreensavers.com”

  1. craig Says:

    For years i have looked for a GOOD screen saver that depicts a strand of DNA in motion. With out a doubt NFS is the best of the best how about working one up?

  2. newfreescreensavers Says:

    Hello Craig,
    Thank you for your comment and for a nice idea about strands of DNA!!!! We will do our best to create a screensaver featuring strands of DNA in motion.

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