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London Mania: Tube Stations, Here starts the Real Game.

December 28, 2011
free game

London Mania: Tube Stations

Dear friends, has developed London Mania: Tube Stations, a new free simple game, which helps to explore Underground of London, learn metro maps of London or check your knowledge of London Metro with fun!

How to play London Mania: Tube Stations?
London Mania: Tube Stations quiz game features a metro map of London without names of stations. The aim of the game is to mark all the stations on the map by answering the questions.
The game offers three levels: Easy, Normal and Hard:
Easy level allows using tips and playing the unlimited period of time. This is the good level to get acquainted with London Underground.
Normal level still offers tips, but limit the player by time. This is a good chance to check your knowledge of London Metro.
Hard level is for those who loves time pressure in games and does not admit any tips! Here starts the real game!

OS support: Windows, Mac or you can play it online.
As usual London Mania: Tube Stations game is free and safe and can be downloaded from .

Download, play and leave your comments!
Have a good holiday!
_________________________ Team

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Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2011

Christmas screensavers


Dear friends of!
We are very glad that you are with us, and we are very happy to be helpful to you!
We would like to wish you lots of love, joy & happiness!
Merry Christmas! Team
PS: Free Christmas Screensavers and Free Christmas Wallpapers, 3D Christmas screensavers

Christmas Wallpapers

December 13, 2011

christmas wallpapers


Hello dear friends,
Winter holidays are around the corner. If you spend lots of time in front of your screen, Christmas wallpaper is good way to put you in a good holiday spirit.
Here is our Christmas and New Year collection of free and safe wallpapers.
Click Christmas Wallpaper and make a choice.
In our FAQ section you will learn How to download and install a wallpaper to iPad.
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Christmas and New Year Screensavers

December 9, 2011

christmas 3D screensavers


Two weeks left till Christmas. Everybody is busy with gifts, decorations and planning Christmas holidays.
Christmas screensaver is a nice method to create a holiday and festive atmosphere easily and very quickly.
This week has released more new Christmas and New Year screensavers. You will find beautiful screensavers featuring traditional symbols of winter holidays, clock screensavers, animated 3D Christmas screensavers.
Check back for updates, as we release new screensavers almost every day.
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Weekly Update of Christmas Screensavers

December 2, 2011

Here is the update of our collection of Christmas and New Year screensavers:

water dragon


nfsWaterDragonClock is a free 3D screensaver, featuring a symbol of 2012 year, a water dragon. It is a very stylish free clock screensaver.
christmas screensavers


nfsSantaClown is a free funny screensaver dedicated to Christmas and New Year. The screensaver is animated and will make you smile during the busy days.
christmas screensavers


nfsXmasRed free screensaver is dedicated to Christmas and New Year. A golden sparkling tree on a red background will decorate your monitor when it is idle and remind you about the holidays.
christmas screensavers


nfsXmasDeers free screensaver dedicated to Christmas and New Year. The sound can be muted. How to mute a screensaver, please read our FAQ page. Click ESC button to log off the screensaver.

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