Free Screensavers Update

clock screensaver


Today we have added some new free screensavers:
1) Two clock screensavers nfsTableClock and nfsTableClock1. These screensavers feature
digital clock on the black background.
2) nfsMountains ia a free nature screensaver. Download nfsMountains free screensaver to decorate your monitor with a beautiful nature view and flying clouds and shining sun.
3) nfsMartinLutherKing is a free screensavers dedicated to Martin Luther King. The screensaver features several pictures of Martin Luther King and his quotes.

Also we would like to remind you about the coming St Valentines Day. Visit our page with screensavers dedicated to February 14, St Valentines Day, and download a screensaver you like most of all.

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One Response to “Free Screensavers Update”

  1. Svetlana Nikandrova Says:

    Спасибо, отличные заставки!!!))))

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