Flowers in Desktop Wallpapers

desktop wallpaper Flowers always remind us about something good, warm and beautiful. Today has released new wallpapers featuring flowers and nature views.
We hope flowers on a desktop screen will create a cozy atmosphere at your working place.

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5 Responses to “Flowers in Desktop Wallpapers”

  1. Claudine Rivera Says:

    I am having a problem changing my wallpaper. I was using the valentine wallpaper,but when I go to change it nothing happens.It will not go anywhere. Can you help please? Thank you.

  2. newfreescreensavers Says:

    Hello Claudine Rivera,

    Please use our step -by-step instruction How to change a wallpaper:
    – To download a wallpaper from you like select a resolution you need and click on it.
    – When the image has fully loaded right-click on it once again.
    – In a pull-down menu window select “Set as a background or wallpaper”. A selected image should now appear as your desktop wallpaper.

    Note: Sometimes it is necessary to save a picture to your PC first, then open it and after that select “Set as a background or wallpaper” in a pull-down menu window.

    If it does not help, please contact our support team via our Contact Form in the footer of the website

  3. Rose Ingram Says:

    I once again can’t send a message to you in “Contact”because the bottom of the form is down where the submit is not showing. I addressed this about a year ago.
    Anyhow since you are trying to get people to download your “bar”, and I don’t accept,you aren’t allowing my screensaver downloads to display on my computer. Never had any trouble all those months ago,but now,with this toolbar deal,you wont allow me to download. Ok,I’ll share this with my Facebook contacts. Rose

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      Hello Rose Ingram,
      1) our Contact form works fine. We get messages from our users everyday. More over on About us page, our e-mail address is indicated and everybody can contact us.
      2) Regarding a toolbar, we do not insist on installing our toolbar, just click “I do not accept” in the installation window and install a screensaver as usual.

      We do not block downloads!

      If you download a toolbar and do not want it, just visit our FAQ Page for a step-by-step instruction How to uninstall NewFreeScreensavers Toolbar

      3) We offer a toolbar, as it helps us to provide our users with FREE screensavers.
      Best regards, Team

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      PS: Also please check the name of the screensaver, perhaps you have downloaded it from another website.

      Best regards, Team

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