Screensavers Update: Euro 2012 and Nature Screensavers

Hello Dear Friends,
We have done a small update of our screensavers collection.
For football fans we offer two screensavers dedicated to football and Euro Football Championship 2012.

They are nfsEuroFootball2 and nfsEuroFootball.


Euro 2012

Also we have released two new nature screensavers, available for PC and Mac:

nature screensavers picture

Nature screensavers

nfsBalticSea is a free nature screensaver with a clock. The screensaver features a calming and relaxing sea and a round clock.
nfsStonesLandscape is a free nature screensaver featuring a small beautiful river in a forest and a digital clock.

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3 Responses to “Screensavers Update: Euro 2012 and Nature Screensavers”

  1. Patricia Says:

    I really like your screensavers, but the ones I like seem to have clocks most of the time, which I don’t want. Computers already have clocks & placing them on screensavers without the choice of clicking them off makes me decide to not download a lot of them.

    • newfreescreensavers Says:

      Hello Patricia,
      We appreciate your comment. You are right , we have got lots of clock screensavers. By the way, what screensavers from our collection you would like to see without clocks?

      • Patricia Says:

        All of them, except the ones which are specifically a clock with nothing else. I love the nature/space/abstract/scenic type savers, but don’t want the beauty of the movement & picture spoiled with a clock. I wanted to download the new one I saw today with a river running through greenery, (StonesLandscape) but the clock just ruined it for me so didn’t get it. I have a few downloaded which have clocks but I don’t like them so seldom use them.

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