Useful tips about screensavers or How to…

Hello Dear Friends,

Today  would like to remind you about some useful things about screensavers. By the way we have updated the collection, welcome.

And a screensaver  may have a password

It is possible to protect the data when you walk away from your computer by setting up a screensaver password that locks the computer as soon as the screensaver starts running.

Note that you should create a Windows password first if you do not have it.

How long does your computer show you a screensaver

It is possible to prolong the run time of the screensaver. From time to time we have got messages telling us that the screensaver plays 1 minute and then the screen becomes black, and there is nothing strange in this fact. To prolong the working time of a screensaver it is necessary to change the power and plan settings. How, please read on our website in section FAQ.


Some screensavers have the settings that can be easily modified. For example if you need to mute (turn off) the sound of a screensaver, click Settings, select a Mute option to turn off the sound of a screensaver you have selected.

Remember, when once all the changes are done click OK.

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