Safe Christmas Screensavers for Children

Santa screensaverNowadays, in time of high technological progress, Christmas and New Year are still the most important holidays in a childhood. Today offers 5 special Christmas screensavers that are family-friendly and will suit both children and of course parents, and get them in a holiday spirit.

In a childhood we are always waiting for Christmas and New Year and count days till the holiday.  nfsXmasCountdown free screensaver will remind the family about the coming holidays, showing how many days and even hours are left till a New Year.

Santa is the main guest on holidays. nfsSantaHoHoHo is a free animated screensaver featuring Santa saying his famous HO HO HO. The sound of the screensaver can be muted.

Santa`s helpers, deers, are featured in nfsXmasDeers free screensaver dedicated to Christmas and New Year. Click ESC button to log off the screensaver, and if the sound background is too loud, it is always possible to mute the screensaver.

 nfsXmas03 is an animated screensaver with Santa Clause riding in a sleigh pulled by his constant helpers – Christmas deers. It is a funny screensaver with a Christmas song as an audio background. So be careful running it if you are working in an office or someone is sleeping nearby. This is a very nice and relaxing screensaver that will remind you about the coming holidays.

What is Christmas without a Christmas Tree?! nfs3DMagicTree is a free 3D screensaver, featuring a beautiful Christmas tree, decorated with toys and surrounded by red boxes with gifts.

Christmas screensavers banner

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