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6 New Animated Desktop Wallpapers for fun

April 19, 2017

Hello dear friends,

After a big hiatus we have finally released 6 new animated desktop wallpapers. With these applications users will have an animated picture as a desktop background: water will flow, butterflies will fly, and flowers will bend and blossom….the icons will stay where they should be 😉

So we would like to remind you how to do with them.

– Select a wallpaper you like.


– Click Download. The downloading will start automatically.

Attention: if your anti-virus software blocks the downloading, just click “Keep” in the left bottom corner (for Chrome) or “Run” (for Explorer) and downloading will restart. Why antivirus programs do it, please read on




After that a SmartScreen may appear. In this case click “More info” and then “Run anyway”. In the opened window click “Yes”.

-Installation will start automatically.

Note: within the installation you will see ads of third party developers. If you do not need them, please be attentive and click and tick the necessary buttons and windows in order to avoid so-called extras to be installed on your PC.

-The wallpaper will be automatically installed on your desktop.


You will see its icon on your desktop and in the right bottom corner. Please use it in order to change the settings of the wallpaper. You may switch it on/off any moment you like.




In case you do not need it any more just delete it as a usual program. How to delete a screensaver / wallpaper read in FAQ.

Remember animated wallpapers are for fun.

Best regards, Team


December – Christmas Time

December 1, 2016


Dear friends,
December has come! And it high time to get ready for Christmas and winter holidays! has become richer on 6 new winter and Christmas screensavers.
Welcome to us i n order to enlarge your collection!.

Best regards, Team

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6 New Free Screensavers

August 13, 2016

Hello dear friends!

This week we have released 6 new free screensavers for fans of Olympic Games Rio2016, for fans of Pokemon go and for fans of cartoons.


All screensavers are free to download and run.

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5 New Screensavers

October 9, 2013

5 new screensavers are available on

Among them there are 3 nature screensavers (nfsMountainFalls, nfsNiagaraFalls and nfsWaterWorld) and 2 clock screensavers (nfsAtomic and nfsClockBlue)

download screensavers

All screensavers has a video preview, so you can see a screensaver before downloading it.

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Update of Website

May 15, 2013

Hello dear friends,

We have good news for you! Now you can preview the screen savers and wallpapers directly on our site and only then download them.

Once you have chosen a screen saver, click on the Preview screensaver button or the Preview wallpaper button if your wish to download desktop wallpaper.

screensavers preview

Nevertheless this is not all, once a month we change the slider on the home page. Today is such a day.

Here’s our new slider:

new screensavers

Today, we have also updated collection of screensavers.

Click on the image below to go to the website and download one of the new screensavers.

download free screensavers

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The Most Popular Wallpapers for St. Valentine’s Day

January 29, 2013

Today has selected the most popular free wallpapers dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day. All these wallpapers will spruce up your desktops and remind you about the holiday.

Mermaid`s Love desktop wallpaper

valentines wallpaper

Heart Burst desktop wallpaper

st. valentines day wallpaper

Bubbles Heart desktop wallpaper

hear wallpaper

To select and download new Valentines wallpapers, visit our Wallpapers page and select tag Valentines in a tag cloud.

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Animated Wallpapers – New Trend.

July 31, 2012

Hello friends,

Today we offer you our new wallpapers trend – animated wallpapers!!!

 Animated wallpapers image

Animated wallpapers Image

The wallpapers has simple animation effects, such as flying objects, slight water ripples,  and wont disturb users from their work, but this amazing when you see animation on your desktop. For user`s convenience animated wallpaper can be disabled and enabled at will.

How to download and how to use?

To download animated wallpaper

– Click Wallpapers in the header of

– Click Animated button in a Tag cloud or in the upper panel and select a wallpaper.

– Click  Download Win Animated Wallpaper and the downloading will start.

– Once the downloading finished, the selected wallpaper should automatically appear as desktop wallpaper.

Note: To Exit from the wallpaper or change the Settings, click our animated wallpaper icon on the low panel and click Exit or Settings in the pop up window.

How to delete animated wallpaper?

  1. Click the Windows “Start” button and click the “Control Panel.”
  2. Click on “Programs” in the Control Panel and then click on “Programs and Features.”  You will see a list of software (including animated wallpapers)  installed on your computer.
  3. Scroll through and click the wallpaper you want to delete (the name will look like, for example NewFreeScreensaver nfsAbstractionAW*). Click “Uninstall” to remove it from your computer.

*Animated wallpaper will look like NewFreeScreensaver nfsAbstractionAW (for example)

Static wallpaper will look like NewFreeScreensaver Abstraction  (for example)

You comment and requests are accepted here:

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10 new free screensavers are added.

March 21, 2011

Today we have released 10 new free screensavers.
Upon the request of our users, we have released three screensavers featuring flags of Egypt, Austria and Spain. There are two variants of these screensavers: with analog clock and with digital clock.

Also we have updated nature category with two new screensavers, nfsItalianSea and
nfsDayStorm. These are very beautiful and relaxing screensavers with audio background, which can be muted.
In FAQ section of you can read How to mute a screensaver.

Again upon the request we have created nfsMatrix free screensaver featuring green cryptic messages on a black background.

Also we recommend you to install nfsCoolCats screensaver, which features a calendar and a clock. The data for the calendar and clock is taken from the operation system of the computer. Use a mouse to list the calendar. In the left part of the screensaver there is a slide-show with cool and cute cats. To escape from this screensaver, click ESC button.

Five New Free Screensavers

December 30, 2010

Today we have added five new free screensavers on winter holidays theme.
To see all free Christmas and New Year screensavers by click Christmas and New Year !

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2010

Dear friends,
We are glad you have been with us within this year and we managed to bring you moments of joy, warmth and happiness.
May the Love, Peace, and Joy of Christmas be yours always.
Merry Christmas.

Best Regards, Team

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