This is the official blog of www.newfreescreensavers.com.

NewFreeScreensavers.com offers a collection of completely free screensavers on different themes: nature screensaver, 3D, holidays, animals, etc. The whole list of categories, please see on the website.

Screensavers support mainly Windows, but some screensavers are created for Mac.

On the website you can also select and download static and animated Desktop Wallpapers.

All screensavers and desktop wallpapers by NewFreeScreensavers.com are free, safe and easy downloads.

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11 Responses to “About”

  1. Peter Says:

    I like your screensavers. However they need an improvement.
    Particularly the clock hands from nfsclock09 and nfsclock07 are difficult to see when you are look on the watchs from a distance or in dark rooms.

    Could you make them a little bit wider and do not color them blue as they are difficult to distinguish from the background?

    Furthermore the numbers in nfsclock09 could be a little bit more stylish.

    Why not offering little variations of the clock themes?


  2. NFS Says:

    Thank you for your advice. We will take it into consideration.
    Recently we have placed more new free screensavers and plan to continue to release new free screensavers and your comment will help us to make our website better and more useful.

  3. Eric Brooks Says:

    Important Question about nfsXmas05.exe

    Hi all,

    I recognize the fireplace that is in this screensaver. It was in a house that I used to live in.

    I thought that meant it was a pre-fab fireplace of some sort, but my family said that the fireplace was original rock and unique…

    Can you tell me in what town the house is where the fireplace was photographed, so I can verify that it is the fireplace I remember.

    much thanks

    Eric Brooks

  4. Neh Ah Ba Says:

    World Timer 05 is nice but how to change or add new city?

  5. Aries Mendoza Says:

    i like this, every one is so good,beutiful

  6. Paul Yelk Says:

    Not so sure I like your new web site.

    It would be more useful is you put the name of the screensaver below the picture.

  7. Fred McDonald* Says:

    I tried to download several of your screen savers, but my anti-virus
    kicked in and removed all of them.

  8. Jon Lodge Says:

    I’m running Windows 10 and have downloaded a screensaver from Newfreescreensavers.com and now I can’t uninstall it or lengthen its period. How do I get rid of this thing?

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