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3DGolden Fish or How to create 3D model?

August 5, 2011

Hello Dear friends.
Today I will tell you how a small general fish not beautiful, but with the right to exist, became alive.

First of all our 3d designer created a whole-body lowpoly model of a future fish.

When a fish mesh (frame) was finished, it was necessary to create a skeleton to control the mesh. When creating the skeleton, we have given a certain length, thickness and shape to each bone, so that in future all bones could have a definite influence on the surface of the fish.
Click on a picture above to see its animation.
In addition it was necessary to build a complex hierarchy of bones, identifying parent and child bones. Set lots of animation controllers limiting the behavior of bones, so they do not behave randomly.

It was also necessary to create the so-called snap of our fish in order we would eventually be able to control it in a space like a puppet.
Click on a picture above to see its animation.
After all the required bones started behaving properly, it’s time to connect our fish with the created skeleton. It was necessary to determine the extent to which each part of the skeleton influenced on a certain part of the surface of the fish.
Click on a picture above to see its animation.
Upon finishing of this phase of work we received a fish model, fully ready to be animated.

Now we need to create a habitat for the revived creature, in this case, an aquarium, as well as to endow the fish with color and texture, set the lights, camera, create the necessary materials.
When work on the animation is completely finished, we expose the parameters of rendering the final image using the desired renderer to us. And wait for the finished animation. Have to wait long, it all depends on the quality of the final image, its resolution, and used effects and on the capacity of used computers. So by the end of rendering you not only have time to fill your coffee cup, but even may return from a vacation.

To see the result, please download nfsGoldenFish free screensaver.

That is all, waiting for your comments.
Have a good day!

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