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Screensavers without ads.

July 25, 2018


We have tremendous news.

Now all the screensavers you download from the site do not contain third-part advertising. Earlier during the installation of a screensaver, you could see different promotional offers. We stopped showing ads of third-party products in our installers. Now only a clean installation!

Choose and download screensavers for the soul without any advertising in the installer.


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Free 3D Screensaver – nfsOldRose3D

April 3, 2012

nfsOldRose3D screensaver

Free Screensaver – nfsOldRose3D.
Hello dear friends,
Today we have released a new 3D screensaver, which is free and safe to download and run.
The screensaver is very beautiful; it features a rose amid the ruined piles of the old town. The nearby sea is calm and clear and shining at the sun.

   PS: It takes the screensaver some time to load. Also in case the screensaver runs with pauses, we recommend to download and install Xvid codec, which will help to improve the work of the screensaver if necessary.

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3D DNA free screensaver

March 5, 2012

Hello everybody!
Our collection of 3D screensavers are growing.

nfs3DDNA 3d screensaver

nfs3DDNA 3d screensaver

Today we have released one more free 3D screensaver. It is called 3DDNA.
nfs3DDNA is a free 3D screensaver, featuring a rotating model of DNA. Download this 3D screensaver to give your monitor a special look when it is idle. Hope you will enjoy it.
For nature lovers, please download our new free screensaver, featuring an owl and upgrade your monitor with a new wallpaper.

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New 3D Screensaver

February 22, 2012

3D screensavers


Today we offer you to add a new 3D screensaver to your collection of free screensavers from It is nfs3DUnderWater3, a 3D screensaver, featuring ocean creatures and fishes, which swim around a sunken chest full of diamonds, coins and jewelry.
To see how amazing the screensaver is, visit our Youtube channel. It is possible to download nfs3DUnderWater3 for both PC and Mac.

Also if you are a fan of everything related ocean life, we offer to decorate your desktop with the corresponding desktop wallpaper, which has almost the same name 3DUnderWater3.

We are about to add more free wallpapers by the end of the week, so checking back for the weekly update.

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By the way, how often do you change a wallpaper?

Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2011

Christmas screensavers


Dear friends of!
We are very glad that you are with us, and we are very happy to be helpful to you!
We would like to wish you lots of love, joy & happiness!
Merry Christmas! Team
PS: Free Christmas Screensavers and Free Christmas Wallpapers, 3D Christmas screensavers

Christmas and New Year Screensavers

December 9, 2011

christmas 3D screensavers


Two weeks left till Christmas. Everybody is busy with gifts, decorations and planning Christmas holidays.
Christmas screensaver is a nice method to create a holiday and festive atmosphere easily and very quickly.
This week has released more new Christmas and New Year screensavers. You will find beautiful screensavers featuring traditional symbols of winter holidays, clock screensavers, animated 3D Christmas screensavers.
Check back for updates, as we release new screensavers almost every day.
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