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Autumn Screensavers: new

September 22, 2016


Autumn is definitely one of the brightest seasons of the year. The range of yellow-green-red-brown shades is so wide, that the team of could not stay away and created new free screensavers on autumn theme.

Let`s enjoy Autumn together.

Have a good day!
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Thank you summer screensavers

September 10, 2014

Hello dear friends,

Today’s post we would like to dedicate to bright and pleasant moments of this summer.

So let`s say thank you summer for

1 Bright emotions

summer screensavers


2 Long walks

city screensavers

3 Flowers

flowers screensavers

4 Amazing sunsets

sunset screensavers


5 Every conquered alp

mountain screensavers

6 Flavor

berries screensavers


And just for summer warm days and starry nights!


Good bye summer and thank you for anticipation of the new magic of Autumn!

autumn screen savers

Have a good day and join us!

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Top Autumn Screensavers

September 27, 2013

Hello dear friends,

Autumn has come, and it is high time to spruce up your monitor with beautiful autumn screensavers.

Here is our Top screensavers, featuring Autumn nature:  landscapes, foliage, fall of the leaves.

autumn screensavers

How to install and change screensavers in different Operation Systems, follow step-by-step instructions on our website.

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Back To School!

August 7, 2013

Hello Dear Friends!

school screensavers

August has begun and we continue to enjoy summer days, but August is also the month when children and their parents get ready for the school.

In order to encourage you, we have created two screensavers on “Back to school” theme. They are nfsSchoolDays and nfsSchool.

Hope your children are eager to get back to school, meet their friends and learn lots of new interesting facts.

Join us in social websites and get back to us for new school screensavers, that will be released in the nearest future.

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Autumn Screensavers

September 14, 2012

nature screensaverHere is Autumn!
For this occasion offers a collection of free Autumn screensavers. You can download several screensavers and change them in accordance with your Autumn mood.
Autumn screensavers will decorate the idle monitors with yellow leaves, foliage, waterfalls surrounded by colored trees and create a cozy atmosphere.

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A little bit more summer or update of nature screensavers.

September 5, 2012

Autumn has come, but still most part of us thinks about summer. has updated its collection of nature screensavers with some beautiful summer sea views and landscapes.
One of the screensavers is dedicated to autumn: nfsCalendarAutumn2 is a free nature screensaver, featuring a beautiful Autumn view. The screensaver shows a calendar.

nature screensavers

nature screensavers

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Autumn has begun! 10 new autumn screensavers!

September 6, 2011

Hello dear friends,
Autumn has come and we offer to spruce up your monitors with nice autumn views and enjoy coloured autumn foliage.
Today we have released 10 screensavers on autumn
Here they are:
autumn screensavers

autumn free screensavers
nfsAutumn free screensavers will decorate your monitor with several changing pictures of autumn scenes.
nfsAutumn02 free screensaver features a picturesque autumn view. Animated water ripples and flying birds add the screensaver a live view.
nfsAutumn03 free screensaver features a small river in a forest in autumn. Autumn trees, a woodpecker, knocking insistently, and animated water ripples will bring colors to your desktop.
nfsAutumnal01 free screensaver features a beautiful nature view in autumn. The sound of water and birds (which can be muted) will create a realistic nature atmosphere at your place.
nfsAutumnStream free screensaver will spruce up your monitor with a noisy water stream.
nfsBench free screensaver will create a relaxing atmosphere. The screensavers features a bench in a park. Falling autumn leaves cover the park road.
nfsFallMess is a free screensaver on abstraction theme. Color autumn leaves are moving on a black background.
nfsLeafFall01 free screensaver features a picture of an autumn park. The screensaver creates a calm atmosphere.
nfsLeafFall03 free screensaver will decorate your monitor with autumn leaves falling into a park pond.
nfsWetLeaves free screensaver features wet color autumn leaves on a ground.

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