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Farewell To Summer, Hello Autumn!

September 8, 2017

“Farewell to summer” sounds a little bit sad, but actually we would like to remind you that if you have not done things you planned for this summer, there is still some warm days to do it.

What about autumn? You know, it is not the time for sadness. Autumn is the best time for warm and cozy evenings, interesting books, autumn holidays, tasty coffee and new staff for you and your home.

Meanwhile we have released 6 new screensavers on summer – autumn theme, which you can download as usually on

new screensavers

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Back to school screensavers: 3 new screensavers

August 28, 2017


What thoughts come into your head when you think about school?

Hope only positive.

In order to support you and your kids and teenagers, we have released 3 new screensavers on the theme Back to School.

back to school screensavers

We wish you an interesting new school year!

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6 New Animated Desktop Wallpapers for fun

April 19, 2017

Hello dear friends,

After a big hiatus we have finally released 6 new animated desktop wallpapers. With these applications users will have an animated picture as a desktop background: water will flow, butterflies will fly, and flowers will bend and blossom….the icons will stay where they should be 😉

So we would like to remind you how to do with them.

– Select a wallpaper you like.


– Click Download. The downloading will start automatically.

Attention: if your anti-virus software blocks the downloading, just click “Keep” in the left bottom corner (for Chrome) or “Run” (for Explorer) and downloading will restart. Why antivirus programs do it, please read on




After that a SmartScreen may appear. In this case click “More info” and then “Run anyway”. In the opened window click “Yes”.

-Installation will start automatically.

Note: within the installation you will see ads of third party developers. If you do not need them, please be attentive and click and tick the necessary buttons and windows in order to avoid so-called extras to be installed on your PC.

-The wallpaper will be automatically installed on your desktop.


You will see its icon on your desktop and in the right bottom corner. Please use it in order to change the settings of the wallpaper. You may switch it on/off any moment you like.




In case you do not need it any more just delete it as a usual program. How to delete a screensaver / wallpaper read in FAQ.

Remember animated wallpapers are for fun.

Best regards, Team

3 Myths And Facts About Screensavers

October 16, 2012

3 myths and facts about screensavers

Hello Dear Friends,

Nowadays screensavers are not so popular like it was 10 years ago. Some people even does not know about their existence or just are sure in their useless, while other people adore screensavers and spend lots of time in searching for a good and free screensaver in the Internet. would like to reveal 3 main myths and facts about free screensavers

1)      Burn in effect

Today screensavers are used more for fun and to personalize your computer or monitor when it is idle. If you use CRT and plasma monitors, then the screensaver is required to prevent damage of such monitors by blanking the screen or filling it with moving pictures when the computer is idle.

2)      Viruses

The screensavers themselves do not contain viruses, but exe files may contain viruses. So we recommend to use only approved and reliable sources with good reputation and a good anti-virus program

3)      It is impossible to delete a screensaver – definitely a myth

The screensaver is just a computer application which can be deleted at a will easily. To learn How to delete a screensaver, visit our Help page.

Only screensavers that come with Windows can’t be removed.

So, today screen savers are more about personalization than computer monitor protection.

Select and download your screensavers from our big collection of free safe screensavers on

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