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How to change a lock screen in Windows 10

August 7, 2017

A lock screen in Windows 10 is a kind of a background or a wallpaper  that you see when you turn on your computer. Here you enter your password and login in order to enter  Windows.  And it can be customized.  It can be a static picture or a slide-show. It`s up to you.

So let’s see how to change and customize a lock screen

1. Click Start at the left bottom corner of the screen. Screenshot_84

2. Go to Settings (a small gear sign).Screenshot_85

3. In the open window find Personalization. Click it.


In the list on the left select Lock screen. Three options of the lock screen will be offered to you Windows spotlight, a picture or a slide-show to be set up as your lock screen. So play with them. All further e instructions are clear enough to customize your computer screen.

Lock screen


You can also notice that from this screen it is possible to adjust a Screen time out settings and screen saver settings.

In case you would like to download a new screen saver, please visit We update our collection monthly.  If you need more information about screen savers, please read article from FAQ section of our website or contact us



How to change a background (wallpaper) in Windows 10

July 31, 2017

Hello friends.

In this post we would like to remind you how to change wallpaper in Windows 10.

So let’s start.

1. Click Start at the left bottom corner of the screen. Screenshot_84

2. Go to Settings Screenshot_85

3. In the open window find Personalization. Click it.


4. In the list on the left select Background. Here you will see Preview of your background. In the section Background you will be offered to select a picture, solid color or a slide-show. Here you can play with them and select what you prefer. In case you select option Picture, you are offered to brows a picture in your computer and then adjust a fitting option.

Hot to change wallpaper in Windows 10 offers to computer users animated wallpapers.  How and what to do with them, please read here.

Here you can find all free animated desktop wallpapers.

If you need more information, please contact us



New screensavers and wallpapers for Windows

June 6, 2014

Hello dear friends,

After a small hiatus we have released new screensavers for Windows computers and wallpapers for Windows, Mac and iPad on

There are screenshots of them herein-under.

Screensavers (click on the picture to see the whole collection)

free screensavers for windows

Desktop wallpapers (click on the picture to see the whole collection)

free wallpapers fro windows, Mac and iPad

In case you would like to update your mobile device wallpaper, we welcome you on, where you can also upload your pictures to share them with others.


Have a good day and join us!

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Easter: screensavers and wallpapers

April 10, 2014

Easter screensavers

This year Easter comes on April 20, and this day is coming soon. Easter is a holy holiday, that associates with spring, sun, purines as innner and outer one. Kids will also recall how to paint eggs, how tasty are Easter cakes, home-made pies, sweets, Easter rabbits….Easter has established traditions that were followed by our grand and grand –grand parents. To paint eggs –is one of them.

But what is the origin of this tradition to paint eggs? There are several versions.  According to the first version, Maria Magdalen brought to Emperor Tiberius  a chicken egg, a symbol of rebirth and a new life, together with the news about the resurrection of the Christ.  The Emperor did not believe here, either he did not believe that a white egg could become a red one. Suddenly an egg brought by Maria changed its color and became red.

Another story is more pragmatic. In the early times within Lent people died the eggs in red to distinguish them from the raw eggs.  Later this process became an Easter tradition.  First people painted eggs only in red and then the colors became diverse.

Today we use not only paints but also other different material: pens, markers, paper, stamps, stickers, grass, leaves, flowers, etc. Just switch on your imagination and start creating.

It is also very important to create a holiday atmosphere in your house. Usually before Easter people start throw away old and unnecessary things and clean up their houses. House should be fresh and clean. After that decoration time comes. Put fresh flowers; decorate your house with Easter wreaths and nests. The nests with colored eggs can be located in any place of your house.

The Easter table should be decorated simultaneously.  Select bright –yellow and clear colors. A bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table will add to the whole interior a spirit of spring.

To feel the atmosphere of this holy holiday, you can also download and install Easter screensaver to your computer.  Positive emotional charge before Easter –what can be better? Select a screensaver in accordance with your taste and get into the holiday spirit fast and easy.

Here you will find our collection of Easter screensavers.

Have a good holiday!


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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2013

Dear friends! We wishing you a Merry Christmas!

merry Christmas screensavers

If you have not seen our new Christmas screensavers, go here.
On this page you will find lots of animated wallpapers for your desktop, they will spruce up your screens with animated backgrounds and figures.
On our partner`s website with free wallpapers, you can select static pictures for your computer or tablet or phone, and also upload your pictures of your Christmas tree or beautiful landscapes and share them with others.

Best regards, Team



New Desktop Wallpapers

October 1, 2013

Hello Friends,

There are new desktop wallpapers for you today. We have selected wallpapers that are colorful to make  gloomy autumn days  brighter.

So let`s select and download (click the picture to go to the website).

download wallpapers free

Also specially for readers of our blog we offer a bonus –  you can download 2 wallpapers of 1920×1080 resolution without any ads.  Just select a picture, click on the right mouse button and choose “Save image as ..”.  Open the image and right-click, select “Set as Desktop Background”.

desktop wallpaper 1920 x1080

desktop wallpaper roses

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How to Change and Set up Screensavers and Wallpapers for Windows 8

April 18, 2013

Hello Dear Friends,

Today`s post will be about screensavers and wallpapers for Windows 8.

Let’s learn how to control Windows 8 screensavers and wallpapers in order to personalize our computer.

Windows 8 screensavers

In order to set up both screensaver and wallpaper in Windows 8:

– First go to the desktop (Windows Key and D)

– Right-click on an empty part of the desktop and click Personalize in the drop-down menu.

For screen savers:

– Select the Screensaver tab or icon in the lower right corner. This brings up the Screensavers Properties window.

– Select a screensaver

– If necessary it is possible to change settings of the selected screensaver and preview it (buttons Settings and Preview).

– Once you have finished changing the settings, click OK.

For wallpapers

– Select the Desktop Background tab or icon in the lower left corner. This brings up the Wallpapers Properties window.

– Select wallpaper from the current folder or click Browse to set a wallpaper from a different folder.

– If necessary it is possible to change wallpaper position under Picture Position.

– Once you have finished changing the settings, click Save changes.

To learn more about screensavers and wallpapers go to FAQ on

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New Desktop Wallpapers

April 2, 2013


Today we have released new wallpapers, both static and animated. To see and download all new wallpapers, visit our website All wallpapers for windows are included into exe file. As soon as the installation is finished, the wallpaper will appear as your desktop background.

Here you can download and install two new wallpapers in resolution 1920 x 1080. Just click on a picture to open it in another window, then click the right mouse button and select Setup as desktop wallpaper in a drop-down menu. These wallpapers are also available for iPad and in other resolution.



Best regards Team

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Happy Valentine`s Day

February 12, 2013

Hello Dear Friends, reminds you that Love is the air already and wishes you a Happy Valentine`s Day!

Valentines day screensavers

Download free Valentine`s Day screensavers to create a romantic atmosphere on February 14 or any time you wish!

Happy Valentine`s Day, Team

New Face of

January 24, 2013

Hello dear friends,

Today we are glad to invite you to our updated website. We have made some improvements: enlarged the promo block on the home page and carried Top screensavers into a separate block.

Welcome to new!

New Website face

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