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Easter: screensavers and wallpapers

April 10, 2014

Easter screensavers

This year Easter comes on April 20, and this day is coming soon. Easter is a holy holiday, that associates with spring, sun, purines as innner and outer one. Kids will also recall how to paint eggs, how tasty are Easter cakes, home-made pies, sweets, Easter rabbits….Easter has established traditions that were followed by our grand and grand –grand parents. To paint eggs –is one of them.

But what is the origin of this tradition to paint eggs? There are several versions.  According to the first version, Maria Magdalen brought to Emperor Tiberius  a chicken egg, a symbol of rebirth and a new life, together with the news about the resurrection of the Christ.  The Emperor did not believe here, either he did not believe that a white egg could become a red one. Suddenly an egg brought by Maria changed its color and became red.

Another story is more pragmatic. In the early times within Lent people died the eggs in red to distinguish them from the raw eggs.  Later this process became an Easter tradition.  First people painted eggs only in red and then the colors became diverse.

Today we use not only paints but also other different material: pens, markers, paper, stamps, stickers, grass, leaves, flowers, etc. Just switch on your imagination and start creating.

It is also very important to create a holiday atmosphere in your house. Usually before Easter people start throw away old and unnecessary things and clean up their houses. House should be fresh and clean. After that decoration time comes. Put fresh flowers; decorate your house with Easter wreaths and nests. The nests with colored eggs can be located in any place of your house.

The Easter table should be decorated simultaneously.  Select bright –yellow and clear colors. A bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table will add to the whole interior a spirit of spring.

To feel the atmosphere of this holy holiday, you can also download and install Easter screensaver to your computer.  Positive emotional charge before Easter –what can be better? Select a screensaver in accordance with your taste and get into the holiday spirit fast and easy.

Here you will find our collection of Easter screensavers.

Have a good holiday!


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Halloween Screensavers

October 23, 2013

Hello everyone.

Only few days are left till October 31, but we are already ready to face the most terrible night of a year.  This time we have prepared a big release.  New screensavers on Halloween will brighten the darkest night of the year and make it memorable and merry.  Dancing skeletons, glowing pumpkins and flying witches will entertain you all night.

So meet new Halloween screensavers.


To download Halloween wallpapers, click here.

As usual all our screensavers and wallpapers are free for you and safe for your computer!

Wish you a Halloween as happy as can be! Team

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Spring Screensavers for Windows and Mac

February 20, 2013

Hello dear friends!

Spring is full of nice holidays, such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother`s Day, International Women Day, April Fool’s Day, etc. Wow, so many reasons to change screensavers. has prepared a collection of free screensavers that will help all of us to get into the spring spirit as soon as possible.

spring screensavers

Go to Categories and select a Holiday you like or just click category Spring, where you can download free screensavers, featuring nature in blossom.

Indeed there are more holidays in spring than you may expect. Do you here about Apple`s Day or International Earth Day?!

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New Christmas Screensavers

December 18, 2012

Christmas screensaver Hello Dear friends,
Hope you are already ready for Christmas and have had all things done and now you have time to relax and download a couple of new free screensavers that will spruce up your monitors within the holidays.
So, today`s post is dedicated to the update of Christmas screensavers.
This week we have released three Christmas screensavers, featuring snow, snowflakes, fireplaces and Christmas Trees.
Here are three recently released screensavers:

nfsFireplaceNewyear2 is a free Christmas screensaver featuring a fireplace and a beautiful Christmas tree decorated by colorful toys.

nfsSnowGlobeCity is a free screensaver from a serious of Snow Globe screensavers, dedicated to Christmas. The screensaver features a rotating London Eye inside a snow globe. nfsSnowGlobeCity is a kind of urban screensavers.

nfsSnowflakesHours is a free clock screensaver, dedicated to winter and Christmas time. The screensaver will decorate your monitor with a clock and white Christmas trees.

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Safe Christmas Screensavers for Children

December 5, 2012

Santa screensaverNowadays, in time of high technological progress, Christmas and New Year are still the most important holidays in a childhood. Today offers 5 special Christmas screensavers that are family-friendly and will suit both children and of course parents, and get them in a holiday spirit.

In a childhood we are always waiting for Christmas and New Year and count days till the holiday.  nfsXmasCountdown free screensaver will remind the family about the coming holidays, showing how many days and even hours are left till a New Year.

Santa is the main guest on holidays. nfsSantaHoHoHo is a free animated screensaver featuring Santa saying his famous HO HO HO. The sound of the screensaver can be muted.

Santa`s helpers, deers, are featured in nfsXmasDeers free screensaver dedicated to Christmas and New Year. Click ESC button to log off the screensaver, and if the sound background is too loud, it is always possible to mute the screensaver.

 nfsXmas03 is an animated screensaver with Santa Clause riding in a sleigh pulled by his constant helpers – Christmas deers. It is a funny screensaver with a Christmas song as an audio background. So be careful running it if you are working in an office or someone is sleeping nearby. This is a very nice and relaxing screensaver that will remind you about the coming holidays.

What is Christmas without a Christmas Tree?! nfs3DMagicTree is a free 3D screensaver, featuring a beautiful Christmas tree, decorated with toys and surrounded by red boxes with gifts.

Christmas screensavers banner

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Update of Thanksgiving Screensavers

November 15, 2012

Hello Friends,

Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and holidays are near. has updated its collection of free Thanksgiving screensavers, that will help you to create a warm atmosphere and be an additional decoration of your room or office.

nfsThanksgivingTurkey2 is a free holiday screensaver dedicated to a great American holiday Thanksgiving Day.


nfsThanksgivingDayTrees  free nature screensaver features a beautiful autumn background with trees decorated by yellow and red leaves that sometimes fall to the ground and in a river. The screensaver has a clock, which is almost transparent, but at the same time you can see the local time if necessary.


thanksgiving screensaver nfsThanksgivingBicyclenfsThanksgivingBicycle is a free Thanksgiving screensaver. The background is an urban landscape in Autumn.



Thanksgiving screensaversnfsYellowAutumnClock is a free clock screensaver, dedicated to Autumn. The background is a maple tree and falling leaves.



Also you can visit out  Youtube channel to see all Thanksgiving screensavers.

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How to make an extra decoration for Halloween?

October 28, 2012

Halloween screensaverHalloween is round the corner and we think you have already decorated your house for Halloween.

Nevertheless today Team would like to give you a tip on How to make an extra decoration for Halloween from your computer.

Most probably you have lots of nice trick-o-treat pictures form the past Halloween holidays, which are stored on your PC. We offer to use them and create your own Halloween screensaver that will remind you about the previous holiday and will get you in the right spirit.

How to create a screensaver from your photos:

First of all, it is necessary to create a special folder with the pictures/photos which you want to see in your screensaver.

For XP:
– Click Start, then click Settings and go to Control Panel.
– When the Control Panel window opens, double-click on the Display icon. This brings up the Display Properties window.
– Select the Screensaver tab, and select the screensaver you want to use from the drop-down menu. In your case it is called My Picture Slideshow.

For Vista:
– Click Start and go to Control Panel.
– When the Control Panel window opens, double-click on the Personalization icon. This brings up the Personalization Properties window.
– Select the Screensaver tab, and select the screensaver you want to use from the drop-down menu. It is called Photos.

Next steps both for XP and Vista:
– To change the settings, click Settings.
– Once you have finished changing the settings, click OK.


Your computer can be  an extra decoration for a Halloween Party.

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Top Halloween Screensavers from

October 23, 2012

Nowadays Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated almost all over the world. has also prepared for this occasion and offers its Top 5 of Halloween screensavers:

Halloween screensavers

nfsIWatchYou is a free Halloween screensaver featuring big eyes watching at you from the darkness.

nfsMagicNight3D is a free 3D screensavers on Halloween theme.

nfsFlashRoyl3D is another 3D Halloween screensavers featuring all the main attributes of this holiday.

nfsHalloweenForest free screensaver will create a Halloween atmosphere.

nfsHalloweenNightSilhouettes free screensaver will add fun to the holiday.

Also we invite you to visit our Youtube page and preview all Halloween screensavers in Halloween Playlist.

Visit our FAQ page to learn How to set up and change a screensaver .

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Free Screensavers For The Beginning Of 2012

January 9, 2012

Hello everybody. Team hopes that you and your family have had good winter holidays and would like to remind you that it is 2012 now.
For those who spend countless time in front of a computer screen, we would like to offer some 2012 year free screensavers to put you in a good mood.
Here they are:
free screensavers
nfsWinterChristmas. The screensaver will decorate your monitor with a winter view and a Christmas tree.
free screensavers
nfsSnowGlobe is a free clock screensaver. It shows your local time and will remind you that it is 2012 now.
free screensavers
nfsChristmasCandle is a very nice and relaxing screensaver featuring the animated numbers of 2012 year.
free screensavers
nfsCatandRabbit. The screensaver will bring in your busy day a moment of tranquility and happiness and will create a festive atmosphere.

For lovers of 3D screensavers, we invite you to visit and download our 3Dscreensavers for free.

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Green screensavers for green St. Patricks` Day

March 11, 2011

10 new free screensavers are released for St. Patrick`s Day.
Lets make the world green these holidays.
To preview all 10 new free screensavers in one video visit our Youtube page.

To download a screensaver you like, please visit

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