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23 Black Wallpapers from

May 25, 2012

For many computer users “black” is the perfect color for desktop wallpaper. You will ask Why?
Usually we have got lots of icons and folders on a desktop and it is really hard to find a folder you need on a colorful background.
Nevertheless to decorate your working computer desktop with just a wallpaper in black is boring. So let’s add an object to make a wallpaper more friendly. has selected 23 simple wallpapers from its collection for lovers of black screens and for those who love to customize their desktop backgrounds with interesting wallpapers.

If you are interested to know How to download and install a wallpaper, welcome to our Info (FAQ) page.

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Update on

January 31, 2012

Today we have released two beautiful screensavers.


free nature screensaver

Have you ever seen hearts in Nature? Download nfsHeartsInNature slide-show free screensaver to see amazing pictures of how Nature creates heart forms.
free clock screensavers


nfsMotionClock is a clock free screensaver, featuring a digital clock on the animated background of a lilac color. Three patterned circles are rotating on the background.

Also we have added new desktop wallpapers for you. Play with them to express your personality.

How to download a desktop wallpaper to a PC and Mac.

How to download a wallpaper to an iPad: instruction in a blog and a video tutorial.

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