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Screensavers Update: Summer Screensavers

July 3, 2012

Summer is on!!! In some countries it is very hot, while in others people are tired of rains and winds.
Today`s release of new free screensavers is dedicated to summer. You will find nature screensavers, featuring bright sun, green fields and night rain (nfsCityRain3D is amazing).

free summer scrensavers

free summer screensavers


Independence day scrensavers Of course summer is full of holidays. This week ( 4 July) our visitors from US are celebrating Independence Day. For this occasion we offer to download free Independence Day screensavers. wishes you happiness and prosperity!


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Weekly update from

July 4, 2011

First of all we congratulate our visitors from USA with Independence Day. Specially for them we have opened a new holiday category Independence day . Be in the patriotic spirit this day with the very own Independence Day screensavers.

Last week we have added lots of new free screensavers on different themes, among which there are
three new screensavers featuring underwater life of home aquariums. The backgrounds used in these screensavers are created by one of our website visitors Nata Romanovich from Belarus, Minsk. She kindly provided us with very beautiful photos of aquariums. You can see here photos and photos from exhibitions at here blog . Though it is written in Russian, you can admire the beautiful photos of the aquariums she created.

Today we have released 5 more screensavers to personalize your monitors.
All screensavers are available on the main page of

nfsAbstraction is a free screensaver on abstraction theme. Light beams are crossing the screen on a light blue background.
nfsBerries free screensaver features several pictures with different berries. All pictures are animated.
nfsFlashButterflyClock is a free clock screensaver on abstraction theme. The clock has a form of a flower, surrounded by flying butterflies.
nfsShrek2 is a free screensavers featuring animated characters from Shrek cartoon, loved by both adults and children.
nfs3DPyramid is a free screensaver on abstraction theme, featuring a rotating pyramid on a yellow background.

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Independence Day Screensavers

June 27, 2011 congratulates all people in the USA with this holiday and informs you that we have created a special collection of screensavers for this holiday.
Screensavers description:

nfsIDFly is a free screensaver featuring balloons with USA symbols. It is a cartoon animated screensaver.

nfsIndependenceDayGallery free screensaver includes 34 beautiful pictures of America. All pictures are animated.

nfsIndependenceDayShip free screensaver is dedicated to Independence day.

nfsIndependencedayStar free screensavers features military yellow stars.

nfsStatueofLibertySalute free screensaver featuring beautiful fireworks and the Statue of Liberty.

As usual you can preview all new free screensavers at our Youtube page.

PS: Later on this week we will release two more screensavers dedicated to Independence Day and a few free screensavers featuring Canadian flag. 1st of July is the Canada Day, which observances take place throughout Canada as well as internationally. It is a day celebrated with music, art, food and fireworks all over Canada.

Update your monitor with new free screensavers.

June 24, 2011

I am sure that you have already downloaded a nice screensaver from , which make you glad and maybe even happy, anyway today we offer you to download two very relaxing sreensavers on nature theme. They are nfsButterfliesSky and nfsUndewater09.

nfsButterfliesSky is a free screensaver featuring flying beautiful butterflies in the sky.
nfsUnderwater09 is a free screensaver which will transform your monitor in an aquarium.

Soon our visitors from the USA will celebrate one of the most important holiday in their country, Independence Day. Specially for them we have opened a new holiday category Independence day. Now there is only one screensaver nfsIndependanceDay02 free screensaver with a countdown is dedicated to Independence Day held in the USA on 4th of July, but next week we will upload more screensavers dedicated to this special holiday.

Two flag screensavers flag screensavers , this time nfsIndonesiaDigitalClock and nfsIndonesiaAnalogClock free screensavers.

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