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6 Best Screensavers for Mac

May 4, 2017

Hello friends,

We would like to remind our users that Newfreescreensavers .com offers screensavers for both Windows and Mac. So if you plan to change your Windows PC on Mac, you will definitely be able to find a Mac screensaver on our website. All Mac applications are also animated and include moving objects.

Here are 6 top simple and 3D screensavers for Mac

To Mac screensavers

Have a good day and welcome to!

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A big update of Mac and Windows screensavers

March 20, 2013

Hello dear friends,

Today we have updated our collection of Mac screensavers. 16 new ones, mostly, on nature theme are available on

Windows users will find new screensavers too.

Windows and Mac screensavers


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4 New Screensavers for Mac

June 13, 2012

Free Screensaver – nfsSummerLandscape2.

 It is high time to release new screensavers for Mac. We have not released screensavers for mac for along time.
So users of Mac computers can download and install the following screensavers now:
nfsBlueAbstractClock is a free clock screensaver. The background is animated and features flying dots on a black background.
nfsSpaceLinesClock is a clock screensaver, featuring a digital clock on a space background.
nfsUnderUmbrella is a free screensaver, featuring a calendar and a clock.
nfsSummerLandscape2 is a free nature screensaver. The screensaver features a nice summer view and a digital clock to remind you about the time when the monitor is idle.

You comment and requests are accepted here:
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5 New Screensavers for PC and MAC

May 2, 2012

Here they are, our new free screensavers.
We have decided to add more nature, sun, sea views today. All new nature screensavers show your local time.



nfsSeaDepthClock, free sea life screensaver, is available for both PC and Mac users.

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Time to Think About Saint Valentine’s Day: Free Screensavers Update

January 20, 2012

Hello Dear friends,

Today we offer you to think about Saint Valentine’s Day. Will you celebrate the day of love and romance? What will you do on February 14?

Here is a brief description of new screensavers, which you can download for free from
free screensavers

nfsFlowersPaint2 is a free slide show screensaver, featuring beautiful flowers that will decorate both your monitor, when it is idle, and your place.

free screensaver is dedicated to Saint Valentine’s Day. It features an animated picture of flowers and flying soap hearts. Click the hearts to make small bubbles. Use ESC button to close the screensaver.

nfs3DHeartClock is a free 3D screensaver, featuring a clock in a form of a heart.

All screensaver are available for both Windows and Mac systems.

More screensavers will be released next week.

Also we invite you to visit our free wallpapers page. Hope you will find a wallpaper that will create an atmosphere of holiday and keep your spirits up.

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Oktoberfest Free Screensavers.

September 16, 2011

Oktoberfest is the biggest folk festivals in the world. This is a celebration of beer, pretzels, roasted chickens, merry-go-rounds and a good mood, which attracts every year about 6 million visitors arriving in Munich from all parts of the world. Oktoberfest is held at the “Meadow Teresa” in the center of Munich, near the Central Station in mid-September and early October each year. In 2011, the Oktoberfest will be held from September 17 to October 3. offers to create a festive atmosphere of Oktoberfest with new free screensavers for both Windows and Mac.

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Free Mac and iPhone Screensavers and Wallpapers.

September 9, 2011

Hello everybody,
This week we have updated both collections of screensavers, for Windows and for Mac.
Most of them are dedicated to autumn. So welcome to our website for the update.

Recently we have got a few requests of wallpapers for iPhones.
Now we do not offer any iPhone wallpaper, but we have found some resources where you can download nice wallpapers for your gadgets and would like to share them with you.

So after some hours of browsing App Store for free wallpapers and reading users`s reviews and testing, we have noticed that many applications offer almost the same pictures, moreover the most part of the developers offers only a limited collection of wallpapers, then it is necessary to pay if you want to see more wallpapers.

So Team have chosen the following free applications:
Retina Wallpapers HD with Glow Effects – 640×960 Wallpaper and Background
Wallpapers HD for iPhone, iPod and iPad by StuckPixel, Inc.

Lovers of quotes may also find Quotes wallpapers applications in the App Store.

Finally we could not mention Instagram application, which helps you to share pictures made with iPhone. Any of your pictures can be installed as a wallpaper.

And what wallpapers application do you use for your iPhone or iPad, if you of course use any or maybe you have got an android Smartphone?

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Screensavers for Mac at : Download and Enjoy.

June 1, 2011

Dear friends,
Today we have created a new page at our website for Mac screensavers (resolution 16:10 and 16:9).
To start with we offer 22 screensavers for users of Mac operation system.

How to download and install a screensaver to Mac?
1) Click Download button near a screenshot of a screensaver you like.
2) The Installer will start.
3) Select a screensaver, adjust settings and enjoy a screensaver when your computer is idle.

Also note that Mac can be asleep before the screen saver is activated. In this case you may never see a screensaver, as the activation time of a screen saver is longer than the time to sleep specified in the Energy Saver preferences panel. So if your monitor goes blank instead of displaying the screensaver, adjust the settings in the Energy Saver preferences panel.

If you and your friends use Mac, please download and test our Mac screensavers . We appreciate if you leave your comments at our blog or write us at

For PC we have released two new screensavers today:

nfsSputnikofEarth is a free space screensaver, featuring Earth in space and flying sputnik.

nfsGreenWaterfall is a free screensaver on nature theme, featuring beautiful waterfall, flying birds and water ripples. The audio background of birdsong and water can be muted.

All screensavers by are free, safe and easy downloads.

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