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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2013

Dear friends! We wishing you a Merry Christmas!

merry Christmas screensavers

If you have not seen our new Christmas screensavers, go here.
On this page you will find lots of animated wallpapers for your desktop, they will spruce up your screens with animated backgrounds and figures.
On our partner`s website with free wallpapers, you can select static pictures for your computer or tablet or phone, and also upload your pictures of your Christmas tree or beautiful landscapes and share them with others.

Best regards, Team



New Year is coming: screensavers for a New Year party.

December 28, 2012

New Year is the right time for a good and merry party with friends or with your family. Nowadays computers are always somewhere near us. Let`s use them as an extra decoration on a party.

Here are 5 screensavers for a holiday party:

New Year Party screensavers

nfsDiscoBall3D free screensaver is the right choice for creating hangout atmosphere during the home party. Download 3D free screensaver nfsDiscoBall and have fun!

Download nfsInkColor free screensaver to see the behavior of ink in a liquid atmosphere.

nfsDiamond free scrensaver features falling down shimmering diamonds of different sizes.

nfsBeautifulBubbles is a free screensaver featuring beautiful bubbles on a blue background.

nfsStarsXmas free screensaver will remind you about the coming holidays.  The screensaver will create a festive atmosphere. A very nice and relaxing screensaver will be a good decoration for a bright party.

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Christmas and New Year Screensavers

December 9, 2011

christmas 3D screensavers


Two weeks left till Christmas. Everybody is busy with gifts, decorations and planning Christmas holidays.
Christmas screensaver is a nice method to create a holiday and festive atmosphere easily and very quickly.
This week has released more new Christmas and New Year screensavers. You will find beautiful screensavers featuring traditional symbols of winter holidays, clock screensavers, animated 3D Christmas screensavers.
Check back for updates, as we release new screensavers almost every day.
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Weekly Update of Christmas Screensavers

December 2, 2011

Here is the update of our collection of Christmas and New Year screensavers:

water dragon


nfsWaterDragonClock is a free 3D screensaver, featuring a symbol of 2012 year, a water dragon. It is a very stylish free clock screensaver.
christmas screensavers


nfsSantaClown is a free funny screensaver dedicated to Christmas and New Year. The screensaver is animated and will make you smile during the busy days.
christmas screensavers


nfsXmasRed free screensaver is dedicated to Christmas and New Year. A golden sparkling tree on a red background will decorate your monitor when it is idle and remind you about the holidays.
christmas screensavers


nfsXmasDeers free screensaver dedicated to Christmas and New Year. The sound can be muted. How to mute a screensaver, please read our FAQ page. Click ESC button to log off the screensaver.

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5 Next Great Winter Screensavers to Download From until 2012!

November 19, 2011

christmas screensavers

Christmas screensavers

So what`s next?
We recommend:
1) Christmas and New Year countdown screensavers, which are really helpful and show how many days, minutes and seconds are left till the greatest holidays of the year.
2) If you plan to travel during Christmas holidays, then it is high time to plan holidays. London, Paris, Rome, Karlovy Vary, Venice, Hanover, Sidney and other places, featured in free screensavers from, are great places to spend Christmas and New Year vacations. Free screensavers with a city of your Christmas vacation can bring this time closer. This week we have added New York and Moscow.
3) Metro map free screensavers of London Tube, Paris Metro, Rome and other cities will help to plan a city trip in advance. Moreover you still have time till Christmas.
4) nfsCalendarWinter features the coldest season of the year in temperate climates. If you like winter, download nfsCalendarWinter free screensaver and enjoy winter every time when your monitor is idle.
5) What is one of the best things in winter? Falling snowflakes! It is so charming. nfsSnowflakes01 and nfsSnowfall free screensavers will help to create a similar atmosphere inside.

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PS: New Christmas and New Year screensavers are already available in Christmas category.

Christmas and New Year, What the Wonderful Holidays!

November 26, 2010

For this special occasion we have created a winter holiday webpage, where you will find only Christmas and New Year screensavers. I hope once you open this page and download a screensaver you like, Christmas atmosphere will fill your heart and mind.
We plan to update this page every week, about the update you will know from our newsletters, Facebook page and Twitter or blog.

To see all free Christmas screensavers by click Christmas and New Year right now!

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