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Come to Oktoberfest 2012 with

September 19, 2012

Hello Dear Friends,
Autumn is a good time for different holidays! If you see ads and banners inviting you to Oktoberfest, then it is time to pack your things and go to Oktoberfest, which is celebrated in Munich from 22 of September till 7 of October 2012. At least we can go to the nearest pub and join in the holiday.
For this Autumn occasion NewFreeScreensavers has a collection of free screensavers dedicated to Oktoberfest or Octoberfest. The screensavers are available for Mac and Windows users.

Click the picture below to select and download an Oktoberfest screensaver.
oktoberfest screensavers

Interesting facts about Oktoberfest 2012

Glass bottles are not allowed at the Oktoberfest!
Because of multiple injuries from broken glass, no more glass-bottles are served at the Oktoberfest any more.

The Oktoberfest School for young Oktoberfest visitors
The „Hits for Kids” campaign will invite young Oktoberfest visitors to participate in a science-game, which will help children to learn more about the long Oktoberfest-history.

The official Oktoberfest poster

Since 1952, the official Oktoberfest poster is selected by a jury, which chooses among invited candidates. The winner gets 2750€ and also the big honor of getting to see his design on approximately 10.000 posters and about 100.000 brochures, published in German, English and Italian language.

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Oktoberfest Free Screensavers.

September 16, 2011

Oktoberfest is the biggest folk festivals in the world. This is a celebration of beer, pretzels, roasted chickens, merry-go-rounds and a good mood, which attracts every year about 6 million visitors arriving in Munich from all parts of the world. Oktoberfest is held at the “Meadow Teresa” in the center of Munich, near the Central Station in mid-September and early October each year. In 2011, the Oktoberfest will be held from September 17 to October 3. offers to create a festive atmosphere of Oktoberfest with new free screensavers for both Windows and Mac.

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