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Screensavers Tips and Tricks for Multiple Monitor Users.

October 10, 2011

This week I have got a request from one of our users regarding a screensaver for multiple monitors. For example, he has three monitors.
As we do not have screensavers stretching for two and more monitors, we have made a research and what we have found. Running a screensaver on multiple monitors can be not so easy at it seems to be.
In the Internet we have found few websites offering screensavers for two monitors, but they are all not free. If you use two and more monitors, you might have already found them.
Also we have found two applications, which helps to set different screensavers on different monitors. One of them is called UltraMon and another one is Desktop Tools from DruTech Corp. So, both of them provide multi-monitor support for desktop wallpapers and screensavers.
At present offers NFS Screensavers Manager to manage the screensavers installed at a PC: to select screensavers, set time and order of show.
Note: Also check your Monitors Settings in the Control Panel.

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Check back later for the update of our new free screensavers and wallpapers.

Free NFS Screensavers Manager is updated.

May 23, 2011

Today we have released a new version of NFS Screensavers manager , which helps to manage multiple screensavers in one window.

What is updated:
1) Interface. Now manager has one window, featuring all possible options and a playlist. No need in switching between windows.
2) Playlist. In front of each name of a screensaver there are two buttons : Settings and Preview of an exact screensaver.
3) New three buttons All, NFS only, Playlist are added, which allow to show All installed screensavers, only NFS (by and scrensavers included into a playlist.
4) Improved search option, which allows to search for a screensaver in a playlist.
5) Some tooltips are added to help you using the program.
6) Hot-keys are added. By clicking the Help button, a list of hot-keys will appear.
7) NFS Screensavers Manager contains three screensavers created by as samle screensavers, which can be deleted (To learn How to delete a screensaver, read FAQ).

About Free NFS Screensavers manager

Available languages: English
Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Description: Manage multiple screensavers downloaded at a computer.
Main options: It is possible to select a screensaver from the list of all installed screensavers, to preview it and adjust settings of it.
Order settings: The manager allows to show screensavers in sequential, random, reverse and alphabetic order.
Time settings: It is possible to select the following time settings:
show screensavers for infinite time, change once a day, change each run, change every N minutes.

Free NFS Screensavers Manager contains no spyware or adware. It’s clearly free and absolutely safe to install and run.

Update and News: NFS Screensavers Manger was awarded by

March 29, 2011

We are glad to inform you that our nfs Screensavers Manager was awarded by editors with the Top Software awards.’s team has also made a VIDEO TUTORIAL showing the installation, the main interface, the main features of Screensavers Manager, letting our visitors take a glance at the main qualities of this software before downloading it: Screensavers Manager Installation Video Tutorial editor team:
“Handy, intuitive tool designed to allow the user manage and organize the order and when screensavers will run. Free to use!”

Now about the update. Today we offer the following new free screensavers, which are available at the home page of :
nfsCoolDogs is a free screensaver, which features a calendar and a clock. The data for the calendar and clock is taken from the operation system of the computer. Use a mouse to list the calendar. In the right part of the screensaver there is a slide-show with cool dogs. To escape from this screensaver, click ESC button.
nfsEvolution is free screensaver featuring human evolution. A strict and modest screensaver with a sense of humour. The background is black.
nfsChanges is a very beautiful screensaver featuring one black tree and 9 changing backgrounds from realistic views to falling red hearts.
nfsSpringClock is a free screensaver, featuring digital clock and flowers, will remind you about spring and will decorate your monitor while it is idle.
nfsDigitalClock02_2 is a free screensaver featuring digital clock (12-hour sytem). On the black background there are big white numbers, which can be seen from any place in the room. In addition the screensaver features the present date and year. A strict and modest free screensaver.

Manage screensavers is easy and safe! releases Screensavers Manager.

March 14, 2011

Upon the multiple requests of screensavers users, has released free NFS Screensavers manager , which allows controlling all screensavers downloaded at a PC.

NFS Screensavers Manager by is a free application. It allows to manage multiple screensavers on a computer. Using this program it is easy to select favorite screensavers and make them run as a slide-show:
– in sequential order,
– inversely,
– randomly or
– in alphabetical order.
Also it is possible to adjust time settings. There are 4 variants to show screensavers:
– for infinite time,
– change once a day,
– change each run,
– change every … minutes.
Free NFS Screensavers manager . It is simple to use and requires no technical knowledge. It automatically connects to the folder where the screensavers are saved. It is a free application and runs under XP and Vista.
Now NFS Screensavers Manager supports only English. Next version of the manager will include other languages and new features. welcomes everyone to download Free Screensaver Manager at

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